Scarlett Raven

this is a story (obviously) about a fan fiction character that I have created. her names Scarlett Raven. it's mostly random years and stuff. she's Draco's girlfriend for most of her Hogwarts years. the other years they are simply friends. she's in slytherin and is ignored at home, and prays for Hogwarts not to be the same.


1. The Killing of Creevy

Scarlett raced across the grass trying to find a way inside the castle. All the death eaters where still stuck on how, but she wasn’t as simple as them. She raced into the bridge and found her way inside the great castle. Finally all the death eaters penetrated the castle. They bolted through the great big doors. Scarlett was already balanced like a cat on the railing going up the stairs. Wand held out, she heard a clicking noise from behind. “creevey!” she turned around and their he was snapping photos. “yes! A death eater image!” he starting snapping more. Soon it started to annoy Scarlett greatly. Even though she didn’t count herself as a true death eater she still said “if I where half the death eater of Bellatrix lestrange,” creevys eyes widened in horror, “and I am, then you would already be on my death wish list.” Scarletts list wasn’t long at all, in fact it only had three names: harry potter, creevey, and voldemort, but she didn’t tell him that. Creevey finally realized that he was going to die, but it was too late. “avada kedavra!’’


“ ha ha ha!” Scarlett doubled over in laughter. Creevy’s eyes where clouded and unseeing. “I meant it. That’s so horrible.” She stopped laughing and looked at what she had done. Scarlett thought for a moment, and crying she ran off to hide in the room of requirement. As she got there, Scarlett hid in a corner by ravenclaws lost diadem. Soon harry and his friends came in. “we got to find it! Ravenclaws diadem!!!!!"


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