Skylar is your normal teen girl but one day shes hit by a car and wakes up in the hospital surrounded by her family from a coma 2 weeks later but somethings not right with skylar she sees things but she doesnt understand why but when she meets Jake they go and find out why Skylar?


1. chapter 1

Skylars (p.o.v)

I woke up being surrounded by my family and some man beside my bed he was smiling at me 

"whats going on" i asked as my head was pounding i felt like i had just been electrocuted "you were in an accident" a lady in a white uniform said to me he wanted you to."why?" i said to the man that's beside me staring i looked at him but he just left the room "sweetheart" my mom said gently

"mom who's he and why did he want me to get in an accident" i said "who said that" "the man who just left the room" "sweetie there's no man in here and there never was except your father and brother" when she said that to me i was terrified i looked around the room to make sure he wasn't there "am i crazy" "it was probably a hallucination its okay" my mom looked a little worried i sat there in my bed and tried remembering what happened when i got in the accident. 











sorry this is short i his my head on the edge of my couch and it blew up like a balloon and i had to go to the emergency room and i was put on rest so i was in my room for forever :P YAY im back

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