When Niall met Izzie

Izzie was just an ordinary Irish girl, living on her own. Read on to find out what happens when she stumbles upon a boy called Niall, who changes her life. And it all happens with a spillage of a cup of tea.


1. Spillage of a cup of tea...


Izzie's POV

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock, I looked at the time and sleepily stumbled out of my soft bed and started walking down the halls of my apartment till I was at the doorway to my kitchen . I slowly put the kettle on and looked in the mirror and sighed. I did a fast walk to my room and put on some black skinny and a white t-shirt. I walked through to the bathroom and put light make-up on and brushed my long brunette hair. I forgot about the kettle and decided to go out this morning for a cup of tea. I grabbed my phone off charge and put my purse in my pocket. I walked out the front door and locked it. The summer breeze hit me as I started walking towards the coffee shop. Once I was there ordered my tea and paid or it and started heading out of the shop. I looked around the deserted streets and then stared into my tea. I looked up and saw someone deep into their phone I kept walking and realised the hot tea spilled all over, burning through my skin. I winced in pain.I looked up and saw the from earlier, I stared deep into his blue eyes." I'm so sorry,"he said "It's fine"I replied "What's your name?"he asked "Izzie,"I answered "Can I have your number?" "Why?" "I'm might be asking you on a date," "Sure then," I gave him my number, not knowing his name and walked away, back to the house.

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