Best friends, right?

Hi I am Gioia Robins i was born in Canada, I am 16 years old.

You will probably not believe it but Justin Bieber was my best friend.
We recently moved to The Netherlands, and dont aks me why but I have no idea why we moved here. We have no friends, no family no nothing here. Oh wait except a house and my mom has got a job. I'm met my new class for once, it was the introduction. We had to introduce ourselfs, there was this girl named Nadee and she is also from Amerika. It feels good to have someone who understand how this is for me. I mean everything has changed..


1. Gioia

   3/09/2010 -




I am walking out of the house. There's nothing left here. Everyone I truly loved left like it was nothing. 'Did you get the last box?' Yells my mom in the car. 'Yes I did' I yell back. Okay so now everything is ready, everything is packed. I'm glad i'm moving but i'm going to miss it here because I lived here all my life, not that it was all amazing and i was really popular.. no I had my family and justin and that was good for me. And this ain't just moving to another city. It's almost on the other side of the world. I mean we dont even have family or friends in Holland. I give a last look at my old house now, and the house next door what is already abandoned because my so called best friend Justin left with his mom. I understand it though why he left, i mean he got such a big opportunity. But he left me, and he knew how hard it was for me to see my dad suffering from cancer. And now he's gone.. They both are.

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