the love bbetween Jayde weasley and Albus Potter

A girl called Jayde Weasley goes to Hogwart's. Then she gets told to find a Malfoy in the muggle world. When she comes back for her first year she meets a guy called Albus and you will find out the rest.


1. chapter one the train ride

jaydde's pov

When I was 5 the new dark lord took over and my mum got killed. I cried and cried.. How could that happen to a normal 5 year old I had thought.. I was 11 so it must have been frighteninng for me at only 5 years old.. I heard my dad Bill calling "Jayde please get on the train honey your leaving soon. Remember to give me an owl and a dog." he laughed. I pushed my trunk, held onto Polly's cage and held onto Casie's lead. I have a dog because well that reminds me of mum. I sleep with her and every thing. She has never left my heels ever since Mum died. I made it to the other side of the wall and my dad came through just behind me. "You will be all write won't you honey?" dad says. "I should be daddy. You be careful dad." and with that me and my poodle hugged my dad and shifted intoo the Hogwarts Express. I found a compartment with a red Haired girl as well.

Albus's Pov

"Hurry up and get on the train albus." my Mum Ginny yeells.. I laugh and hug my little sister. "Bye Lilly love the way you smile." I joked around with her. "But but Albus don't leave." she cried. "Bye Mum love your red hair." I said and hugged her too. "Bye Harry Potter my ggrait dad. love your scar." I joked with my dad Harry. "You be careful and send us lots of owlls." They said. I pushed my trunk and held on tight to Maggies cage. I love Hogwarts. I no I do. I hope I'm good at quidditch. I hope I meet a girl. As I was thinkingg this I ran into a compartment with my cousin Rose.

Jayde's pov

"Hi whats your names?" I asked eyeingly. "My name is Rose and this is Albus. Whats yours?" the red haired girl said. "Oh my name is Jayde Weasley but I'm not related to you guys I no my Dads name is the same as yor Uncle. Every one lookked surprised as casie jumped onto my lap from under my seat.

Albus's pov

I looked at Jayde in a verry surprised look.. "Did you no that dogs are not allowed at Hogwarts?" Rose finally said. "There is a new dark lord you no and he killed my muther. Casie follows me every where because she does like to protect me and stuff. I sleep with her too. you probablly think thats strange but I don't think so." Jayde said patting Casie's curly ears. "Does Minerva Mc,gonagall no about this?" I asked. "Yes she says its fine." Jayde said ruffling up the dogs hair.

Jayde's Pov

"Anything of the trolley?" said the lady. "Um some barty Bott'''s and a pumpkin juice please." I said handing my money over.. I pulled out my spell book and read and ate some beans. Casie drank some pumpkin juice and read the book as well. "How can your cat do that?" asked Albus. "I taught her to. She can do magic as well you no. She has her own books at Hogwarts already and her wand." I told them. The rest offf the train trip was quiet exceppt for Rose and Albus talking about there brothers. I put on my robes as the train slowed down and packed my books away and lead Casie and my trunk and cage to the train opening and walked out. As usual I saw Hagrid and I went off.

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