Rome was a normal girl who lived in a village, that was until she was cursed by a prophecy.


4. Chapter Four

I woke up the following morning. My room was dark, it always is. Shade wasn't in the room. I knew he wouldn't stay all night. I guess I was just hoping he would. I realized that Luna Lamia hasn't taken over yet. Maybe she's gone for good. No, don't get your hopes up, Rome.

I got dressed and brushed my hair. I left my room. I walked into the living room, where I saw Shade and Zaphara kissing. I felt my stomach turn into a knot. I quickly ran out of the room before they could see me.  

I don't want to feel these things for him. I'd be better off without anybody. Why couldn't I be turned into a vampire without any feelings? I only get hurt when I'm being myself. Maybe having the Luna Lamia isn't such a bad thing...I heard a knock on the bedroom door.

"What?" I asked. I heard shuffling. I got off of my bed and walked to the door.

"I think we should talk." Shade said. I rolled my eyes. I opened the door.

"What do you want to talk about?" I asked annoyed. He shut the bedroom door.

"I only kissed you because I knew it would stop you from dying." He said, looking into my cold dark eyes. "I'm sorry if you thought we could have something someday." I rolled my eyes.

"Why would I think that? You only kissed me because if you didn't stop me from dying the clan and pack would be doomed." I said coldly. I noticed myself in the mirror. My eyes were turning a darker black than ever. Luna Lamia is going to take over soon. "This conversation is over, Shade. Why don't you go suck Zaphara's face some more?" I said angrily. I rushed past him and went outside.

That was a great start to the day. I thought sarcastically. I ran deeper and deeper into the forest. I came across a rundown shack. I would always come here when I needed to cool down; when Luna Lamia needs to calm down. I couldn't risk her killing anybody.

I sat on the old wood floor. The shack reminded me of my old home. Our house wasn't as rundown, but it wasn't big either. I wonder what my mom and sister are doing right now.

My hands shot out black smoke. It formed a viewing portal. It's only been three years since I've seen them. Three years is a long time though. I watched my mother bake a cake for my sister's thirteenth birthday. I smiled as tears ran down my face. My mother didn't look happy. She forced a smile onto her face for my sister. My sister looks just like our mother. She has our mother's dark brown hair and blue/grey eyes. I, on the other hand had gotten some of my father's genes. I had his black hair and brown eyes. Now my hair is raven black and my eyes are as black as the night sky.

I ran my hand through the viewing portal and it disappeared. They miss me. My life is awful. It seems like I'm in pain all the time anymore.

I heard the shack's door open. I looked up from the wooden floor and saw Pandora. She faintly smiled at me. She knew I wasn't happy. She had picked the good vampires side. She didn't want to turn into a monster like so many other vampires. She sat down next to me.

"How'd you know where I was?" I asked her. She rolled her eyes.

"We have telepathy, remember?" She said. I nodded my head. "You seemed really upset."

"I am." I simply said. I started messing with one of the frills on my sleeve. "I know you won't like this....but I'm thinking about letting Luna Lamia take over again." She gasped.

"You seem so much better, Rome. Why?" Her blue eyes looked questionably at me. I shrugged my shoulders.

"She's stronger than me. She hasn't even been gone twenty-four hours and I'm already hurt." I said, not making eye contact with Pandora.

"Is this about my brother?" My eyes widen at her. How did she know?

"Well, I guess." I muttered. I looked out of the window, that had pieces missing. The sky was grey. It always seemed to be grey anymore.

"He's a royal jerk, Rome. I'm sorry. He doesn't deserve you anyway." She said trying to make me feel better, but it wasn't really working.

"It seems like everybody has found their mates but me. I've always wanted somebody to love me because my mother didn't get the chance to be loved." Pandora gave me a faint smile.

"That doesn't mean anything. You haven't even been a werewolf/vampire for very long." She pointed out.

"The old me would've thought being with somebody was stupid, but I'm surrounded by people who have mates and it makes me realize how lonely I am." I said. "You can't tell anybody about our conversation." I warned. She laughed.

"I promise, Rome." Pandora said. I smiled. Her face soon became serious. "Are you going to let the Luna Lamia take over again?" I nodded my head.

"I have to. It was in the prophecy; I just can't escape it." She nodded her head.

"Stupid prophecy" she muttered. "Nobody should have to go through what you're going through." I half smiled at her.

"You're a great friend, Pandora. Thank you." I said. "I'm going to let Luna Lamia take over now." I told her. She nodded her head and stepped back. I shut my eyes and focused on letting her back. I felt a surge of power rush through my body. I knew then that she had taken over again.

Pandora quickly left. It hurt, but I can't be Rome- I can't be myself. The prophecy is to blame.



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