A Taste Of Loneliness

He's the celebrity everyone wants to be. The guy girls hope to marry. The son that every parent wishes. Except his own. The guy that behind the cameras is just a lonely boy. What happens when he meets a girl backstage who changes his life forever.Based on my own made up celebrity.


1. The Cameras Only See A Superstar

He sits by himself staring into the mirror. Trying to see what everybody else sees. They see a boy with warm brown eyes that could make any girl melt, hair so blonde every girl wants to touch them. A face a facade of perfection, that everybody else wants to be him. Him. He still does not understand what makes him perfect. All he sees is a boy with pale skin that makes him look dead. With dirty brown hair that sticks up like a scarecrow. A boy whose eyes are a dirty blue, and reflect no soul into them. A boy whose life is full of hate. A boy whose own parents tried to killed.



Go and die

We hate you

Your a waste of space

He shakes his head, trying to clear the voice that whispers in his ear like a venomous snake. But it just sits there, mocking him.

"Rue come on. Your fan awaits you." his manager ordered.

Rue stares at his manager. He was a plump man, a bit chubby. With black hair tied in a pony tail, and brown eyes. His manager wore a firm black coat suit, trying to look smart. Rue sighed. He's always wondered what his manager had seen in him. A dirty, ugly child that nobody wanted. That was what he saw. Whatever he say, the manager had told him he would be a star, and now he was. To everybody else he was Rue Blake, a mega rich, and handsome superstar that had the perfect life. If only everybody knew how it really was. The cameras only saw a superstar. They didn't see the guy underneath. Rue inspected his supposed to be perfect face in the mirror. If his fans knew the real Rue Blake would they still like him. Would he still be accepted like he is now. Probably not. God. People only liked this perfect face and this supposed to be perfect like. If only they knew.

"I'm ready!" he exclaimed, standing up facing his manager, that was several inches shorter then him.

"How does my coat look?" his manager asked, beaming at him.

"It makes you look very smart." Rue replied.

"You always know how to please me Rue. Come on then, your public awaits you." his manager told him, leading him outside.

Rue took a deep breath, and beamed his film star smile. He had to look like he was happy. He had to look like a superstar. As camera's lights shone at him. Rue blinked his eyes and looked into the eyes of his fans. He saw the  two burly bodyguards that stood in front of him. Trying to protect him from his fans. His fans weren't what scared him. He saw pretty girls with skirts too short yelling at him. In their hands were posters that said "I love Rue." and "Marry me Rue.". Rue shook his head, sighing in his head. But just smiled at them. Rue inched to his fans, and began autographing some shirts. When he noticed a  girl standing as close as she could. Her skin was sallow pale, and her eyes looked dead. She noticed him, and began waving at him.

"Let that girl in." he ordered his bodyguards.

"But." they prompted at him.

"Let her." he told them.

The body guards allowed that girl to walk towards him. The girl was his age, and looked at him in astonishment. Now that he was close to the girl, he could see she was really pretty. With brown hair that hung in ringlets, and eyes that he could see used to reflect her soul, but now just looked at him in tears.

"I can't believe it's really you!" the girl exclaimed at him.

"Well it is really me Rue." he told the girl.

"Rue. Rue." the fans cheered at him.

"Here's a backstage pass. I would like to chat to you later." he whispered to the girl, handing her a pass.

Then he looked back at his fans, who were shaking their heads wildly, wanting to approach there star.

"I love you all. You guys make me a superstar, and I love each and everyone of you!" Rue exclaimed loudly.

Then he turned around, beginning to go. His body guards stood behind him. He made his way, back to his room. He turned one last time at his fans, then blew a kiss. Then walked inside. He could hear girls shouting "That kiss was for me." and "No it wasn't. It's for me. I love you Rue.". Rue went to his mirror, and sat on the chair. Then his smile fell. Now that no one could see him, he could stop pretending.

"Rue. That was brilliant." his manager told him.

Rue turned to his manager, with a smile.

"Thanks sir." he replied.

"Your a star Rue. I'm glad I chose you." his manager told him.

"Yes. I'm glad you chose me sir." Rue told him.

Remembering the days, when his parents hit him. When they beated him, till he could move no more. When they shouted harmful words at it. Told him he was a mistake. When they tried to burn his room, luckily his neighbour phoned the fire ambulance, and he was safe. That wasn't the first time, his parents tried to kill him. So his neighbour took him from his cruel parents and to an adoption center. That was where he met his manager, who took pity on Rue and decided to adopt him and turn him into a star.

He was a mistake. A mistake that should have never been made.


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