Unbreakable Love♥

Stella move on her best friend's house Diana in LA!
They went to a party and they both met some special boys!
Stella is in love but is Justin feeling the same?
check my story to find out<3!


1. The first meeting

Author's note:thank you GYES for reading my story it means a lot for me! PLEASEEEE DON'T FORGET TO RATE AND LIKE OR MAKE IT YOUR FAVORITE! I NEED YOUR VOTES! HOPE YOU LOVE  IT♥!







It was another evening in LA! 
And you and your best friend Diana were going to a friend of Diana...
You and Diana after the school finished you decide to live with her in LA! 
Diana was from LA but you didn't know anybody... 
When you come to Logan's party
At first you were thinking we will have fun but it was really boring you were to the corner and nobody care abot you especially Diana she was with James a friend of LOGAN and she didn't even care about you...
Then you see a boy come to you...
Justin:hey,why a pretty girl like you is here alone?
You:not exactly...I am here with my best friend!
This hot boy was speaking to you... You couldn't believe this...
Justin:my name is Justin what's your name?
You:my name is Stella nice to meet you
He was so attractive...and sweat the same time!
Justin:hey,come and play some bowling with me!
You:ok but I am not good!
Justin:I'll help you!
You couldn't say no when he's eyes were looking at you...you just melt!
And suddenly he makes you feel better, actually you didn't like to leave he was so sweat with you all this time and he teach you really good bowling!
Then you got a text message from Diana:
"Stella,tonight I will go at James! Don't worry about me!"
you:I don't like it but I should leave!
Justin:Did you want to take you home?
you:ok,but why?
Justin:I don't want to leave pretty girls alone at the evening...(he was so sweat♥)
You went to his car...
He opened your door and he said:"ladies first" like a real gentleman!
Justin: I have fun tonight with you!
You:me too!
Justin:can you give me your phone number?
Of course you gave him your phone number!
Justin:thank you!
Then you come to your house and he kiss you at the cheek...you get red!and you think I can't left him here...and Diana wasn't here!
You:hey do you want to come in for a drink?





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