My Journal

My life is one big mess of tangled up headphones.


1. Surprise Party

So it was my birthday in less than a month and four of my friends had been planning something while i was around them, I was suspicious because the one thing i never wanted was a surprise party. But later on in the day they had told that we were just going to have a sleepover at my house so I was a little excited because it would be fun. 

Until I got on the bus to go home and my friend that was planning it told me that they were planning a surprise party! Just what I wanted right, not! Although she only told me because she knew I've never wanted one but when I thought about it, if I knew it wouldn't be that bad right? Although I wasn't suppose to know my friend still wanted me to think of a list of people I wanted to invite. The problem was that I felt bad if I didn't invite certain people because when you don't get invited to a party and other people are you're the one left looking like a loser. But there was a few people I hated and I didn't care if they weren't coming. 

My mum had even agreed to the party but I still wasn't sure what to do. I had to pretend that I knew nothing about it. I was scared, what if no one came and I looked like the idiot that had no one turn up to my surprise party. At my school throwing a party can get you some popularity points but if you throw one that sucks and has bad music with no one there then you're gonna lose those points. 

But I didn't want to have a party at my house where everyone could see where I live and judge my house and my parents, not that they were embarrassing. Plus I'd have to clean my room because my close friends would be staying, not something i was looking forward too. It would take a few solid days to do that. 

Having my own party was something I was not ready to do, I was only turning sixteen and I don't get why I needed a party for it. Seriously all was happening is that i would be getting my learners license and that was something I was not looking forward too. Anyway I was hoping that somehow the whole 'surprise party' failed and they stick with the sleepover although either way I'll be cleaning my room. 

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