new life

Zayn and Chevon falled in love as any one,but can zayn stay a life without his tru love?
finde out ...


12. yes I do

        Back to reality:

"zayn,are you ok?" liam asked

"what do you think liam? my wife is dead,and i have little baby i even don't know how she look like, or what should i call her" i said crying, and putting my hands in my face 

"zayn you should get some rest, go to you'r room"Niall said

"you mean me and chevon room,oh it was our room"i said getting up and walking away,i feel niall is sad by saying that to me

"zayn im sorry" he said with red eyes and tears, i walked to him and huged him then said

"it's fine,you said nothing wrong,just promis me, all of you promis me that you will never let me alown,don't let me"i cryed

then the rest join the hug,"we will never let you,trust us, we are here for you"louis said 

"im going" i faked a little and sad smile

"ok" all of them said

i went to my room, to the room which was me and my love room,i watched the bed,it was empty,and then i went to her closet,i tooked her favourt dress, then i start to smell it and remembering every moment with her.

i sawed my self in the mirror, i was sad,ugly,my hair was horribal,my eyes was red,teres are falling into my face

"I LOVE YOU CHEVON WHY YOU HAVE GONE? WHY  YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO LEAV? DONT LEAVE ME ALONE " i cryed and yelled, then i broked the mirror.

I was angry and upset, it's bothered me a structured view of the bed. 
I went to it, and then emptied all my anger on it, the bed was on the ground, and all of her clothes on the floor all of her objectives have changed from their place

the blod was evry were because of my hand,then i felt weak,heart broken,lonely,sad,angery ....

I fell on the floor and did not know what I will do or think


no one can be with me now no one just me .. all me 

"ZAYN,there you are, come on let us take you dow- zayn your hand, ZAYN YOU ARE bleeding"liam yalled

at that time i remebered our wedding


                                             FLASH BACK:

she was pretty,and she look sobeautiful at that dress,oh zayn what are you talking about ? you are not falling for her i asked my self

"is everyone redy?" my father asked

"yes" both of me and chevon said

"ok then,you  have to meet our family chevon"he add

this wedding is just little one, not like i was imaging or something, but it's great i don't want questions about my life now,there was my uncle's,and theme wife's and childern,and the boys ,my sisters ,ofcours my mom and dad ,her brother and her friend Lora

as i said it was family wedding

"ok chevon sit here,and zayn set there"my mother smiled to us

"you look pretty chev"louis said

"chev?"harry laughed and i feel that she blushed

"thanks boys you look handsome as well " she smiled to them

"ok it's time now " my uncle said

so it was me and chevon and the Authorized in the table

"ok, Zain Jwad Malik do  you accept chevon Hamilton wife to you?"the Authorized asked

i was thinking what if i said no? would perrie come back to me? would she love me agin?

"Zain Jawad Malik would you accpet Chevon Hamlton wife to you ?"he asked me again

"yes,yes i do" i finally said

"and you Chevon Hamlton do you accpet Zain Malik husband to you ?"he asked her

"yes i do" she said

"Now, you both husband and wife Congratulations 
You can kiss the bride"he said smiling

i wont kiss her,right? then i noticed that dad said to me KISS HER, so i satnd up she as well

and i kissed Her forehead 



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