new life

Zayn and Chevon falled in love as any one,but can zayn stay a life without his tru love?
finde out ...


13. cute ?

"chev, you look so pretty in this dress, you look like an angel" louis samiled

"chev? " Lora asked , with sad face

"yes, chev it's better than chevon, and why are you sad any way ?" he asked her

"because im the one who call her chev " she said

it's like they are going to fight , but harry stoped them

"louis EL is here " he said walking to lora side

"EL? who is she?" i asked

"she is louis girlfriend "niall said smiling to her

"oh ok, she is so beautiful " i said

she huged louis and he kissed her

"hi im eleanor louis girlfriend " she said huging me

"im chevon" i huged her back

"you are so beautiful " she said loking to my face " zayn is lucky to have you "she add

"thanks, your more beautiful than me " i said

"OH MY GOD, can i have pic with you el ?" lora asked

"you sould be fan " she laughed

"yes she is, this is lora my best firend" i said

"yes sure " el said

"liam sophia is here" safa said

"hey babe, your so late" he said kissing her

"sorry ,i was lost" she said

"oh sorry, chev this is sophia my girlfriend, sophia this is chevon zayn's fian- i mean zayn's wife"he said looking to me in the eyes

"hi nice to meet you, you look so pretty" she said

"thanks, nice to meet you too" i said

"this is my friend lora" i said

"hi lora" sophia said

"hi sophia, how are you?"she said faking smile , i know lora better than my self so if she is sad or mad i know it

"im fine thanks"she said

"can i have pic with you too ?" lora asked

"so you are fan ?" sopiha asked

"why everyone she want to have pic's with , he or she have to ask the same question which is 'are you fan ?' " i laughed

"sure "sophia said

"now we have to let the love birds alone"father yaser said

all of zayn's family went out and my brother too, just the boys and lora,El and sophia .

"we are going now have fun bad boy"niall lughed

"lora don't go, please don't leave me alone"i said just to her

"well,i MUST to go chevon"she said with trears in her eyes

"don't cry or im going to cry too" i said huging her

"stop this drama girls, she is not going to die, she is with her HUSBAND " harry said

"shut up styles"she said huging me

"right, like im going to"he lughed

"ok, lora we have to go now, come on"harry said

"fine,chevon please call me in anytime you want please,take care of your self"lora cryed

"and you KEEP HER SAVE or im going to kill you"she yalled at zayn

"lora, do you love me that much?"i tryed to change the sad mood

"are you kidding me?you are my sister from nother mother"she smiled to me

"now you should go,im going to be fine , zayn is great guy,you should be happy because you know zayn more than i do" i smiled looking at zayn who was talking to liam and louis

"by,guys,don't break the bed" liam said

and then all of us just started looking at him because liam never say something like this, he used to be the nice one not bad boy as zayn

"what?did i said something wrong?"he lughed

then all of us start to laghue

"well see you next week guys"louis said

"bye" me and zayn said

well now it's just me and zayn,him and me

cute ha?




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