Grace Academy

Anna is rebellious, wild and creative. So is Cat, her best friend at school. Then the summer holiday comes, Cat is away in Turkey, and Anna's Mother is too busy with her job as Head of Queenville. Then one day her Mother announces the new school opening in the area, Grace Academy! Anna is forced to attend for the holidays and maybe she will be transferred from her old school to Grace Academy forever!


1. Until The Bell Goes


'May I remind you that, yes, I know it is the holidays in half an hour. I can't wait to get out of this school either, but the bell has not rung yet, has it? No. So, until the bell goes, you are still under school rules and you are still in a lesson. This means, just because it's so close to summer, you think you can mess around and not listen because you can't! Alright? So start paying attention, and that's directed at you Miss Summers!' A thirteen-year old Anna Summers sat at the back of the stuffy classroom. Her eyes were focused on the front of the classroom, but her mind was away daydreaming up fanatical stories. 

'Pardon?' she replied, shaking her head and coming suddenly back to reality. Not where she wanted to be.

'My point exactly,' said Mrs Green smartly, and turned to the white board. Anna glared at her teacher behind her back. Mrs Green was one of Anna's least favourite teachers and to spend her last lesson of Year 7 with her was a misery. Only twenty four more minutes, Anna reminded herself, staring up at the battered old clock above Mrs Green's head. She willed the hands to have a sudden spurt and go forward exactly twenty four minutes so the bell would ring and she wouldn't have to see another mathematical equation for nine whole weeks. She scraped her wild brown/blonde hair out of deep brown eyes and tried to focus but her mind started wandering again. But before her mind could start wandering again, Mrs Green yelled sharply:

'Cat Riley! Are you passing notes?' Anna's best friend Cat instantly withdrew her hand from the air, and stashed the folded piece of paper deep into the bottom of her shirt pocket. She smiled sweetly.

'No Mrs Green. Passing notes is wrong and rude. I would never be so disrespectful as to pass notes and interrupt the wondrous learning,' she said, batting her eyelids rapidly. Mrs Green raised her plucked eyebrows. Cat smiled.

'Well, Miss Riley, can you tell me what the wondrous learning you were not interrupting is?' Mrs Green smiled.

'Erm, well, I can't, it's...' gabbled Cat.

'Ah, so, Miss Riley, I thoroughly suggest you stop passing notes and get learning.' Mrs Green turned away from Cat, who simply stuck her pierced tongue out at her. The silver ball glistened in the light coming from the broken light flickering on the dirty ceiling. Anna looked at the clock again. Time had whizzed forward and she had only ten minutes to go. Just ten minutes. Then Mrs Green would be gone for another nine weeks. As she stared up at the old clock, she received a sharp tap on her back. Glancing quickly at Mrs Green who was busy scratching boring old facts on the board with white chalk, she spun around.

'What?' she snapped. The kid behind her held his hands up.

'Whoa! I'm just delivering a note from Cat,' he said frowning and passing her a small, folded square of white paper. Anna snatched it, glared, then turned around.

Meet me outside the quad. I've got something to tell you.

What? Anna sighed, looked at Cat and nodded. 

Five minutes. Five minutes that would feel like forever. 

'Oh forget about it!' snapped Mrs Green, throwing her small stick of chalk onto the ground and stamped on it, reducing it to a small pile of white dust. 

'None of you are listening and even I can't concentrate! You might as well talk until the bell goes. It's useless.' She slumped down onto her chair and a cheer erupted from the class. 

'So, Anna, what are you doing this summer?' sneers Shantelle who was sat in front of Anna. 

'I'm not sure,' was her reply. Shantelle always went somewhere amazing, whilst Anna was stuck in England. 

'Well, I'm going to Barbados. It's an amazing island, with sandy beaches and turquoise seas. The food's delicious and it's so expensive going there.' Anna hoped Shantelle would be eaten by a shark in the turquoise seas. 


The bell! Anna had been so busy talking, she hadn't noticed the time. YES! Summer! Nine whole weeks with Cat, chilling out and laughing at how we were doing mathematical equations back in year 8. 



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