That night

A girl and a boy, whom loves each other deeply.
It's all about that night when he changed her life for ever. But will it be a bad or a good change and what will happen in the future?


1. the day after that night

He was looking rather fit this morning, you thought to yourself this morning while drinking your morning coffee. You had been in the house by yourself for a few hours and suddenly the feelings of him last night came back to you. You couldn't help but to smile. 

You knew exactly what you have gotten yourself into, but this was only a one time thing.

(Flash back) 

You and your bestfriend were heeding out to your favorite club in the city. Both you and your friend have this stupid dares and this one that you got were quite a bit out of your comfort zone. She had dared you to have a one night stand without using protection, this made you step up the game for her seeing that she had to do the same and take a photo of her one night stander and send the photo to her mother with the caption "am i the little princess you've always wanted now?". Being the drunk friend she accepted the challenge and so did you.

When the both of you had done the last minutes touch ups you both looked for the perfect targets. Your friend found a curly haired boy with green/grey eyes, Whiles you went for the boys friend whom had blue eyes and brown hair. Once you told her that you had found your target and started walking towards him.

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