The Only One

This is my entry for the Coldest Girl in Coldtown competition and I'll be working on it all through September.

Sydney is the last of them, the only one that was able to escape. Although she is still of their kind, she is different. She has no desire to kill to fulfill her needs or to expose herself through her own mistakes, but not everyone sees that. One fatal mistake lead to the re-discovery of her kind and The Hunters were born. Everyone has the alert eye, the news has their updates and The Hunters have their weapons, there is no time for wrong choices. The Hunters are difficult to run around, it's like you're trying not to step on a crack in the pavement and one foot wrong will lead you to extermination.
Sydney knows that she is the last of all of them and she is already on the run, but she is not alone. Colton is the only one that believes she is different and has chosen to stand by her side and he can't possibly imagine what would happen if they were tracked... can you?


1. Ahead of Us

  I focused my eyes on the road ahead while the road behind ran under the wheels of speeding cars and raced into the horizon. The only thing that separated the silence between Colton and I was the humming of his well loved, vintage Honda as it jumped time after time. We haven't spoken once and the radio hasn't been broadcasting in days. 

  Life on the road is a very difficult life to settle into. Every so often, I have waves of nausea due to the sudden jerks of the car and the time you have to rest is minimal. How Colton can drive with only a few hours of sleep is a mystery to me. I guess he is used to it by now, we have been on the run for at least a week, maybe more, it's uncertain with no live news. Colton hasn't even paused to take a glance at a map or a passing signpost, he seems to know the city of London like the back of his hand. From my point of view, I have no clue where we are going most of the time, the only information that I have gathered from Colton before we left is that we are heading for the north of Scotland, away from all of the drama taking place back in my hometown. I don't even want to think about what will happen once we arrive and asking Colton will just frustrate him. Just by looking at his exquisite but terribly worn face, you can already tell he is under a lot of pressure. Another thing that is obvious to anyone is that he spends every second of every day drowning in his own thoughts, planning his next move, staring hopelessly up at the gleaming stars alone in the darkness, wishing for an answer, all to keep the girl that may end his life safe.

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