Arranged Marriages Suck

When you're forced into an arranged marriage with someone you consider your enemy what would you do? If Alexandria doesn't go through with the wedding her parents lose everything and as much as she hates them for the past she couldn't do that to them.

The night before the wedding Alexandria's best friend's Jasper and Soph drag her to a nightclub. She meets the famous Harry Styles.
What happens next is up to them but when everything goes out of control will they both survive?


1. Chapter 1

“You are getting married tomorrow and we are going out to get you drunk!” My best friend Jasper yelled at me before pulling the covers off of my head. I groaned in annoyance at him before getting up and going for a shower letting my mind wonder. I never even wanted this wedding. It’s way too fast. I’m only 21 and this arranged marriage was not my ideal way. It had been organised ever since my parents found out I was a girl and their best friends were having a boy. We had been born a month apart from each other, me being the youngest of us, but still I was the mature one. Sean was always out getting drunk on Friday nights. No doubt he will be going out with his friends to a stripclub now that he has to completely stop the flings he had on the side. It was no secret to me that he would take a girl to his small flat in London every time he went out. I just put up with it.


You would be wondering why I do put up with it, it is my life after all. But if I don’t marry him I risk everything. Without this marriage my parents’ compant goes down the drain, yeah it has turned into a business deal. My parents’ company will combine with his parents’ company when we marry. Our dads will be operating it until Sean turns 25 and he will be the one and only CEO. We desperately need the money he could provide and I couldn’t let my selfishness get in the way of that. Sure I have always grown up wanting to fall in love and get married but that has to be reversed now. I was 10 when my parents told me about my arranged marriage. At the time I was fine with it because Sean and I had always been quite close, but when we turned 15 Sean changed.


He became the school bully as everyone saw it. He would constantly pick on Jasper for being gay and when I stuck up for Jasper, Sean would get angry enough to punch anything that was close by. He has never hit me thankfully, but I’ve always been afraid of the day he does hit me. Despite my parents having a strict no dating policy with me while I was growing up, unless it was Sean, I always defied that policy. It was stupid for them to think they could keep a teenage girl away from guys. I would sneak out Friday and Saturday nights to go to clubs ever since I turned 15, I looked about 18. The guards never asked for ID’s and neither did the bartender. I became a regular at the one club and so the guards and bartenders always knew my name and would let me in as soon as I arrived.


When I was 16 I gave away the one innocent thing I had left of me to a 19 year old guy in the disabled bathroom of the club. Call me a slut or whatever. I was horny and so was he so why not? We were protected so it was fine. I don’t regret that, I regret that after that one time whenever I went back to the club when he was there he would push one of his friends over to me. Each time I complied happily since his friends weren’t half bad. Last year that stopped when he saw the rock on my finger, it had been there for 6 months, but I would always take it off before hand. He never came back to the club again. Just as my mind began to think of what tomorrow would hold for me the water turned ice cold and I yelped in surprise before quickly turning it off. Either I used up all the hot water or Jasper wanted me to hurry up. I rushed out of the shower, wrapped a towel around myself before stepping back into my room to see a smirking Jasper.


Of course he turned the hot water supply off.

“Thanks.” I rolled my eyes at him before getting changed into the clothes he placed on the bed for me. After living with Jasper for so long we’ve gotten used to seeing each other in the nude so getting changed in front of him wasn’t out of the ordinary. There has been plenty of times where I’ve come home completely drunk and he has had to change me out of vomit soaked clothes.

“So are we going to our usual club?” I asked him as I fixed the straps on my dress before looking up at him.

“Nope. The agency gave me some VIP passes into a club that’s opening tonight. Theres three so you me and Soph are all getting drunk tonight!” He cheered. He was a journalist for Elle and I guess from what he tells me they really like his fashion sense. They had even asked for his opinion on next months cover.


“Great. Well let me just grab my phone and we can go.” I smiled at him before walking over to my bedside table where my phone and jewellery lay. I picked it all up, including my engagment ring, and placed my phone in my back pocket. I turned to see Jasper tapping at his phone before smiling and looking at me.

“Well Soph is going to meet us there. Now come on I’m so glad I got you out of bed. Did you just think you could go to sleep at 8pm without a hens night?” He asked accusingly.

“Well a true hens night doesn’t have any guys there.” I smirked.

“Well I don’t count. Lets go now hurry up!” He said quickly before sharing a knowing look. He doesn’t rush me this much unless he’s either up to something or has a man waiting for him. Which ever it was I don’t think tonight will end very well. I justed nodded at him and followed him out the front door and to a waiting cab. Yep definitely wont end well if he had a cab waiting for us.


The journey in the cab was silent and when we pulled up at the club there was a massive crowd, including paparazi, waiting to just get a glipse of the people going inside. Well at least if Soph and I don’t get pictures of my hens night the paps sure will get some. We exited the cab and Jasper gave me one of the VIP passes before we went searching for Soph. It was only a matter of minutes before we found her waiting at the door next to a large security guard.

“There you are!” She said happily before pulling me into a hug and then Jasper. When we pulled apart Jasper gave her a pass and we were let in by the sercurity guard, after he checked our ID’s. As soon as we were inside everything was crazy and the music was pumping. Jasper ran off quite quickly leaving Soph and I to go get some shots from the bar.

“Any idea why Jaspers been so keen to come here tonight?” I yelled into her ear so she could hear me over the music.

“Not a clue. Maybe he found someone special.” She yelled back as we took a seat at the bar. 

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