Typical Fan Fictions

I'm writing this because i just want to know if anyone else has noticed what i have when i read one direction fan fictions. (* I want to point out right now that I'm not writing this to offend anyone and how they write their stories because this is just meant to be something funny and from things i have observed.*)


1. The main character when she is in school


     1.) The main character when she is in school

              I'm i the only one that notices that the MC ( main character for short) is always the kid being bullied or has a dis functional family? Like geezz why do you have to make her have a sucky life? its not like the boys will automatically be attracted to you if you are the school loser. if you want to depict the average teenage girl then, write about a girl that barley goes outside and stays up all night scrolling twitter and tumblr. 

             And another thing i have noticed is that the MC is always calling herself ugly but when the author puts up a pic of the MC THE GIRL IS A FREAKING MODEL!!!! like how are you going to put a model as a " bullied, no life, loser." if you needed a pic of an average girl with no life then put a pic of me.( JK :) i'm no loser , im beyonce! lolz ) 


          I have a question? How come the core classes seem like they are five min but, when it come to lunch time it takes like two hours just to eat an apple? Everything cool and dramatic happens at lunchtime or in gym class. I don't know about you guys but the most fun happens during class cuz my class is live as fudge :) lolz . And also how come one of the boys always seems to notice her during lunch but, the MC is in all his other classes and he never noticed until that moment in lunch? Like how can he be so oblivious to his surroundings? Just because he is the most popular person in the school doesnt mean he cant notice a person that has been in his class during the whole year.

          (sorry about my mini rant about the boy not noticing the MC in his class , its just something i never understood that always happens in stories)


            Hey everyone that read this chapter :) !!!!!!! I'm sorry that this chapter was kinda sucky :( i'm tired and i have a test tomorrow. i'm thinking about updating every Tuesday and Thursday . if you want we to talk about something you noticed happen in a lot of fanfics tell me in the comments and i will see and write about it . ( im sorry about any grammar mistakes and wrong punctuation , like i said i'm really tired but i wanted to start something new ) 


      So...........*crickets crickets*   I guess this is bye until Thursday so, ............. BYE!!!!!!!! :)

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