Z Girl

Eden a photographer and close friend of Lou is helping on the set of a One Direction photoshoot and is a huge fan of the boys espically Zayn. REQUESTED: Eden


1. Him....

Eden's POV

Zayn has been my love for the past....lifetime now. He doesn't know who I am, honestly the only time we talked we in Geometry when I asked for help on number 9...and our hands touched. Wow. I sound like I'm thirteen again. But no...I'm 19 and I work as a photographer for US weekly, and Zayn is now famous...real..famous. And I would never think in a million years I would get a call from Modest management to ask me to do their photoshoot for The Take Me Home Tour. But they did and now my life is complete!

Once I got their I saw four perfect boy, but one amazing man. He has a girlfriend now...I've heard. But since they got famous I don't really read the tabs...it's weird to me. Seeing them rise to stardom, and well...I'm hearing capturing it all on film. I smiled at them as they all said Hello!. I nervously walked over to the stylist Lou, Lou and I have been working together for three months now so I'd say were pretty good friends. I met her husband and daughter Lux...so adorable. There just the keenest family ever! "Hey, Lou." "Hey." she looked up from Harry's face for a second and put her brush down. "Can I talk to you for a sec?" I walked over to the corner where all of her stuff was...Harry gave me a smile as I just so awkwardly got him sitting in the chair. "Um...you know how I die over Zayn."

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