Hello There!!!!!

Jay loved One Direction cause her brother (Liam Payne) was in the band. He was all the way across the world on there tour while she stayed in England. She called him on her birthday and he said he wouldn't be able to make it. She almost cried when he said that and then locked herself in her room. About 2 hours after she called Liam she heard a door slam so she hid in the panic room. The person who was in her house started to bang on her door. The only thing she didn't know was the guy banging on her door was Liam.


1. Three Days Before!!!!!!!!!!

Jays POV. I was so excited i was gonna be able to see Liam Payne my birth day. It was three days before my birthday and I was just so excited. I think he was bringing the guys of One Direction over to. I love One Direction cause my brother is in the band. I get allot of hate cause I am Liams sister . He's handled with it but it still hasn't stopped, sometimes i just sit there and laugh at what they say about me over twitter and facebook. It just doesn't make any since cause its not like i'm gonnatake over the world, geesh

My phone buzzed so I looked at it. It was my friend Ricky here's what the message said. "hey you want to hang out today-xxx Ricky" I quickly brought up the keyboard on my phone and answered with a simple "yes" Next thing I know I heard a knock at my door. I quickly ran down the stairs literally jumped into my shoes grabbed my jacket from the hook it was hanging on. I opened the door to a smiling Ricky. He grabbed my wrist and pulled me into the car. Where I found two more of my best friends. Lucy and Luke they were twins don't ask.

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