What Seemed Black and White

Zoe and Masha two young girls moved to Liverpool, England to go to a boarding school which seemed like the perfect getaway for the two of them. They were going to a dream school, in their dream city, in their dream country...lots of dreams are about to come true for the Colbourn sisters. However, not everything is black and white...


1. The Orientation

Zoe's POV

As we got unpacked we found out we were going to be in different rooms, which was expected of course but we really planned on somehow being roommates. "Hey, I'm gonna grab some tea-black want anything?" Masha has been dying for some English Black tea sense we got our acceptance letter and knows that the best would be here. "Uh...are you going to the Starbuck's stand outside in the quad?" I asked putting my casual yet comfy clothes away. "Yeah.." "Well, I'll have a Grande Mocha Light." She nodded and headed out while i waited nervously for my new roommate.  "Hi..." someone sound with their beautiful accent...but one things for sure-it wasn't a girl...at all. I turned around to see a young boy, a few years older with brunette has swooped to the side with tan skin and deep blue eyes. "H-hi..." I stammered. He smiles "Hello love! I'm looking for 403...do you know where it is?" I got lost in his smile and forgot whatever the hell he said. "I'm sorry what was that?" I blushed. I couldn't believe I was being a ditz- I mean surely I am good at talking to boys.

"403?...do you know where it is?" he smiled again. I gushed and pointed down the hallway..."Down the way and to your left.." "Will you mind showing me." I smiled stupidly and started walking. He told me he was here with some lads. ( Brits are so cute! when they say lads!) As I told him I was new and transferred here with my sister.

"Really? Where is she? I'm sure the lads and I would love to meet her!" He beamed. I shrugged and said "She's getting us some food" I sighed. "Sorry, she's waiting for me I have to go." I started walking fast towards the end of the hall until he grabbed my wrist. "Let me drop my things off and will go...together" he flashed a smile and he plopped his things on the cotton bed.

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