A Magical Year (Magical trilogy book #2)

*Complete* 1976 ... Last year, Alex and Kyle visited Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with their school. They're best friends, and more like a brother and sister. Hogwarts was not the kind of school they expected to ever visit, since it taught REAL magic. And they never expected to meet such people there, people who they'd love.
Because of this love, Alex got the ability to make some simple spells; a talent that it so rare that it's nearly impossible. Now what'll happen when Alex turns from a muggle to a part-witch? And what will the Ministry of Magic decide to do about her?


1. The Card







"Ally, Kyle, dinner's ready." Mom's voice came from the kitchen. 

"HOLLY SHIT KYLE!" Kyle and I were playing a video game, and unlikely he was winning. 

"YEAH BABY! That's how you play the game!" He stood up and started dancing. A horrible, terrible dance. 

"Ugh! Kyle please stop it!" I said. 

"What? Are you that upset I won, Ally dear?" He said sarcastically. I rose both my eyebrows. 

"No, but this dance really, really sucks." Kyle started laughing. 

"I know right? I should probably change it." He winked. "Hey did your mum call us?" 

"I dunno." 

"ALLY!" Came mom's voice again. 

"Yup." I answered Kyle. "Coming mom!" I shouted. As I stood up Kyle started shaking his head. 

"Ally, would you please change this shirt?!" He said, his tone bothered. 

"Why?" I said confused. 

"I can see through it!" He said pointing with his hand. I looked down at myself. It wasn't really a see-through shirt, I dunno why he was saying this. I looked at myself in the mirror and discovered that he was right. But, Kyle was just like my brother, and things between us aren't complicated. I mean, we sleep over at each others houses and everything, we are kinda siblings.

"So? Is it tempting to you, Mr. Alford?" I said moving closer to him. He frowned at me then hit his forehead with his hand. 

"Very." He said sarcastically. I was so close to him right now, acting all flirty. But I didn't mean any of it, I was just messing around of course. I licked my lips and looked at him innocently. 

"Honestly woman, you have a boyfriend, and I have a girlfriend!" Kyle said playing it with me. 

"But they're not here, now are they?" I asked, my tone lazy. In the inside I was laughing so hard, but I didn't want to let it out, it would destroy the game we're playing. 

"You know, you're kinda right. Meet me at the kitchen, cutie. Oh, and change this shirt, it's inappropriate to wear this outside." He winked. That was the longest I could take. My laugh started as if I was spitting, and then turned into a what-seemed-like loud shouting. Kyle joined me, putting his hand over my mouth to shut me up. After a long time, I did shut up. 

"Go. I wanna change, it is tempting to you. Ugh. Weirdo." I laughed again, and he was out. I picked a black shirt that was wrinkled and put on the bed. I smelled it, it was clean, I put in on and joined mum and Kyle at the kitchen. 

"What took you so long?" Mum asked. 

"Nothing. Kyle didn't like the shirt I was wearing and asked me to change it, right Kyle?" I asked. 

"Yeah." Kyle said bored. I sat on the chair opposite Kyle's and mum sat next to me. 

"I bet you just did that so that you'd start eating before I do." Kyle laughed. 

We were having spaghetti. Not my favorite thing to eat, but mum's. I started doing my habit of eating like a pig, and mum started telling me how I really need to change the way I eat and stuff. I just kept on rolling my eyes. 

"I think Sirius likes the way I eat." I said proudly. Sirius Black is my boyfriend, I met him in my trip to Hogwarts last year. We only spent a month there and ended up falling in love. What can I say? True love needs no time.

"Yeah, sure he does." Kyle said sarcastically. 

"Did you write for him and the others?" Mum asked me. 

" o' course I did." I said my mouth full. 

"They're nor coming for a visit again, are they?" 

"I don't think they'll be able to, it caused them so much trouble the first time they did this." I told her. 

See, about a month or less ago, Sirius, ,my best friend Max, the marauders and Clara (Who is both a good friend of mine and Kyle's girlfriend) decided to visit both Kyle and I. It was really the most perfect surprise anyone can ever do, and we had so much fun together! Of course Sirius and I, and Kyle and Clara had some private time, which was amazing! They all met my mum. 

Mother's reaction about this whole magical world was not really as good as I expected. She didn't seem as surprised as I thought she would be, but maybe that was because I wasn't such a good story-teller and probably me telling her about the things we did there wasn't really fascinating. When I told her about Sirius however, she got all interested. She asked me to tell her all about the little details, but of course I didn't. I mean, is there a teenager that does that?! Mom and I may be really close, but no, I can't tell her everything about my love life. But, when I reached the kiss part- and the whole I'm-half-a-witch-now-and-I-can-do-some-simple-spells part, yeah, then things started to get a bit complicated. It was really weird, mum's reaction. How she kinda got shocked at first and didn't believe me but then as if she really knew this thing could happen, her expression changed and she looked a bit - I don't know, scared. But maybe it was shock, I can't be sure. I can't read mum's expressions like she can read mine. After a while, she took it better. She even told me that the Ministry of Magic wrote to her about me, they said that; "This case is really rare, and therefore we'll need some time to think of what we'll do with your daughter." 

Yeah, life's great. I've gotta be really famous now in the wizarding world. But it's funny really. I get to be famous for kissing the boy I love. Ha! 

"We've got mail." Mum says as she stared at the doorway's window. I choked while eating. 

"Co 'b it be bum ba minofry ob mashic?" 

"The hell are you trying to say?" Kyle asked. I chewed very fast and swallowed. 

"Could it be from the ministry of magic?" I asked again. And leaving my seat, I went to the mailbox. Bills and - what's that? A wedding card? It looks a bit magical. "Hey mom?" I called and got in again. "What's this?"

"Give it to me." Mum snatched it from my hands. "Well," She said a bit surprised. "It looks like we're invited to - to someone's wedding." 

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