The Death service

Ever had that person who you just wanted to kill but didn't know how to, or that person who drives u insane you could rip them apart limb by limb. keep reading on for more...


1. The Death Service

Have you ever had that annoying person who just kept on pestering you day in and day out. Or that person who gives you constant torment, pain and stress for as long as you can remember. Ever wanted to get rid of them but didn't know how. kill them in the most brutal of ways. Then the death service can help. You have to remember you're taking a big risk. If you are still reading this. Do the following.

First dial 666 into you phone and press call. It will immediately hang up. Try 5 more times and on the final attempt it will put you through. A man with a deep husky voice will say the following. "Which service do you require". Do not hesitate to answer just immediately say 'death service', if you don t answer fast enough he will hang up and the number will be lost forever. As soon as you've answered the call will end and almost immediately you'll hear a knock at your door. Answer and you shall be greeted by an old man wearing a black priest robe with a dark red blood scar down his right eye and an eye patch on his left. Whatever happens let him in, he doesn't like his time wasted. Then tell him the person he must kill and how he must do it. He can kill multiple people but it'll cost more and he cant do separate trips. He can use any method of death  and any weapon, but no guns, he likes to stick to the more, painful ways. After you've told him he will then ask for payment. Simply hold out your arm, he will then get a small pen knife out and carve the sign of the cross into your arm then he'll collect a few drops and do the deed. Now what you have told him to do he will now do it you cant change your mind. what's done is done. It can take anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple of days. When he has done his job he will return for the briefest of moments, that's the time to pay him a tip, if you are willing to shed more blood. Then he will leave.

A few words of advice. Do not prank call the death service, it will not end well. Do not attempt to provoke the man that comes to your door, trust me he doesn't tolerate it. when asking the man what to do don't go over the top, You may not have enough blood left by the end.

Hope this helps you and have a nice day... :)

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