How does one truly live? How does your soul stay immortal after your body dies? How do you keep smiling when your world is in ruins?

This is a one shot inspired by the song Awake My Soul: Mumford & Sons


1. Immortality


Sitting in a lonely coffee shop, a cold cup of coffee clutched between my hands, a soft music playing, I look out the window, and watch as the snow falls and people's problems get buried underneath it. If I had a penny for every midnight that I spent here, wishing for other people's lifes, I probably wouldn't be doing that exact thing right now. I'd probably be in a warm room, and it wouldn't be warm because of the heat, but because of the buzz of excitement the people in the room would be radiating to me. They'd be drinking and laughing and dancing. They would be living.

But to live is a dangerous thing to do, because once you get swepped up, once you become one of the millions, it's easy to vanish. To become nothing, and essentially, seize to not just live, but exist. So the only way to live and keep living forever is by being different, by not getting swallowed by the millions of others, but rising above them. That is true living, my friend.

There are few who succeed in truly living, and those, the ones who've risen, don't know they've lived until one day, when they wake up and the first thing on their mind is not a worry, but a wonder. It's the wonder of what the day will bring, instead of the worry of what will happen that day.

The young woman dancing beautifully on the streets, her eyes closed and her head arched in a way that resembles a rose blown by the breeze, she has risen. Not because she is pretty, because she isn't, not because she is taken for, because she isn't. And certainly not because she has money, because she doesn't.

But because despite not being all that, not having anything of value, she still has a smile plastered on her face. A huge, full-blown, genuine smile. One that can light up the whole street because it gives hope. They see the poor girl dancing to no avail, asking for nothing, simply dancing, pouring her heart out and smiling like she doesn't care, and they can't help but smile too.

They think, look at her, how jolly she is! If she can be happy, anyone can be happy. So why am I not smiling? And smiling is contagious, so she really does light up the whole street, hell, the whole town! And you know what? She might not even be truly happy, she might have a million more problems than the people who see her on the street, but she has one thing. One thing that keeps her running and working and living. It's strength.

It's not the physical kind, but the soul-wretching type. It's the kind where people get their heart torn out and still, they don't cry. They don't slump their shoulders and they don't frown or grimace. No, they smile. Because who said that you can only smile when you are happy? Are you forbidden to smile when you are unhappy? Can you not lift up your lips? Can you not live when things aren't perfect?

Because let me tell you, if you frown when you are unhappy, you will stay unhappy forever. But if you smile despite the situation, your heart won't forget, and it'll keep living. And that's how one can not just live and then vanish, but live and keep living forever. 

That is how you become immortal.

So sitting there, watching her twirl, her eyes closed and lips stretched wide, I can't help but smile. And keep smiling forever.

Her smile really is contagious, and now, so is mine.

a/n: okay, so I wrote this minutes before midnight, so bare with me because I just re-read it and I have no idea what I'm going on about. But I guess I got inspired by the song, so it still counts. I hope that you guys will understand what my jumbled, sleepy brain tried to tell you.

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