Animals Galore

My poem that was published in a book! Wasn't that good was only in first year :).


1. Animals Galore

Long hair lightly lying,

Like a lizard sleeping sweetly!

Natural highlights, nosily peeking through,

Like an owl hunting for food!

I'm just a natural!


Pierced ears, perching and poking,

Like parrots punching them piercingly!

Pale skin and pink cheeks,

Like little pink piglets in a field!

I'm just a natural!


Blue eyes, big and bright,

Like a badger begging for food!
Teeth two shades of white,

Like a Siberian Tiger's tough tail!

I'm just a natural!


Squint teeth testing and tasting,

Like a long bat hanging from a cave.

Big gigantic feet, fighting for food,

Like a forest bear climbing effortlessly

I'm just a natural!


Massive knuckles knocking on trees,

Like koalas cuddling them!

Bitten nails, not so nice,

Like a nosey fox at night!

I'm just a natural!


Elizabeth Cochran(12)

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