I don't love..

I don't love people Kayla. I own them..


1. You don't have a choice



I finished the last piece of my make-up before slipping my Converse on and sliding down the stairs. When i came downstairs i quickly threw the stuff i needed for today in my bag and stuck my phone in the pocket of my ripped denim shorts. After grabbing my carkeys from the table i rushed down to Starbucks where Miley was probably already waiting. 


When i got into Starbucks Miley was already sitting at our usual table right in the corner at the window. I walked towards her and gave her a hug before sitting down in front of her. She had already ordered my usual drink and muffin. I took a sip from my coffee when i saw a tall and handsome figure staring at me. I turned my head to Miley and gave her a light kick with my foot under the table. What's wrong she said looking up from her phone. Who's that guy standing at the bar ?? Black tight jeans ?? She questioned me. I nodded. That's Harry. Your typical bad boy. He didn't finish school, He's a boxer so he fights a lot and he's a bit of a womanizer. Stay away from him babe. He's nothing but trouble. I nodded and ate the last bite of my muffin. Her phone beeped and the screen lighted up. The name ''John" came up. Her boss, the biggest dick on the planet. She picked up and talked to him for a while. Yeah i'll be there in a second she said and sighed before ending the call. He wants me to come to the office. Is that okay ?? Yeah sure of course i said and smiled at her. She stood up gave me a hug and then ran off. After a few minutes i stood up tossing my the empty coffee cup into the trashcan. I grabbed my bag and started walking towards the door of the coffeeshop. 


When i was close to my car someone grabbed my arm and turned me around. I stumbled a few steps back before looking up to the person his face. It was Harry. I'm Harry he casually said looking down on me. He probably had a perfect view on my cleavage. At this point i hated myself for being this little and wearing a shirt with a deep neck. Eerhm.. Okay ?? And what am i going to do with this information ?? I thought you would want to know my name since we are going on a date tonight. That's how you ask a girl out "?? I said with a sarcastic chuckle. And the answer is no. And with that i turned around unlocking my car. Again he turned me around pushing me against my car with one of his hands above my head. His face came close to my ear. That wasn't a question love. It was a statement. He walked away from me but turned around after a while. I'll pick you up at 7. You don't even know where i live! I screamed at him. Yes i do he yelled back. I sighed and got into my car again.







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