the three little kittens

This story is based on nursery rhymes. This is my first story so please read it!


1. Hansel and Gretel

   Once upon a time there whe're three little kittens, the oldest kitten was a boy his name was Jo, the second oldest was also a boy his name was Charlie, the youngest kitten was a girl her name was Alex. They were tired of lousing there mittons and not  having any pie so one day Jo said they should go to Hansel and Gretel's house and ask them how to get to the candy house.  Charlie said they should go to the Little Red Hen and help her make some bred, then Alex said they should try to catch the gingerbread man.  They dicided they would go to Hansel and Gretel's first and second they would go to see the little red hen's third they would try to catch the ginngerbread man.  They set of for Hansel and Gretels house to find out where the candy house is when they arived Hansel was siting on the front porch admiring the ocean view, he must have been lost in thought because he didn't hear the three kittens coming and jumped when Alex said hello. "Oh, hello" said Hensel I'm sorry I didn't hear you coming.

"Hi, we where wondering if you could tell us how to get to the candy house?" Jo asked.  "yes," said Hensel "I can tell you how to get there, but I can't guaranty you will come back." "okay," said charlie, who was very brave. "How do we get there?"

"Are you sure?" asked Hensel

"Yes." said Jo and Charlie. Alex was a little worried, but she didn't wont to be called a chicken so she agreed. "Okay," said Hensel "So, you go up that path over there and go right at the first cross road, then a left at the next, stay left for the next three cross roads, then at the forth go right and you will be there now make sure the witch doesn't see you or she might make you in to a pie, and what ever you do do not eat the pies at the candy house they may have kids in them. When we where there she tride to make Gretel in to a pie.  Have fun don't eat to much or you wont be able to get out the door, but your pretty small so that shouldn't happen. as they started walking away he yelled after them "make sure the witch doesn't see you!"

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