Finally Loved <3

Hey my name is Julia. I don't have a last name yet. Yup, I live in an orphanage. I am 14 and a half. My parents died. My mom died in a car crash, and my dad died of a heart attack. I have family but they didn't want me so here I am. I have been in this hell hole orphanage for three years. And today is where my story begins................



7. Chapter 6

            Julia's POV  

                After a few moments of me and Harry hugging, I broke out of the hug. I said " Well, um.. I'm Julia Lou's new daughter. Please call me JJ." Harry then replied, "Hi JJ, its a pleasure to meet you." " Okay lil' tommo.. want to go see your room?" Louis or dad idk what i want to call him for now its Lou.. Lou said. I replied happily, "Of Course!!!!"  So Lou walked with me to my room which was on the 3rd floor with every one else's. Mine was in the middle of Lou's and Harry's apparently. " Its going to have lot of more like guyish colors but if you want tomorrow we can make it Is that okay?" Lou asked. " Sure." I said. Lou then opened the door my room. The walls started light blue and got darker till it was black near the ceiling. The floor was hard wood. My bed.. oh my bed was HUGE it must have been a king sized bed. The duvet was black with blue, white, and red roses. the bed faced a 75 inch, flat screen tellie. Next to my bed on the right was a white desk with a red chair. On the left side there was a red white and black night stand. On it was a red lamp, a gray beats pill, and a blue and black docking station/ alarm clock. Finally I said " Holy crap!! I love it!!!!!" Lou replied and said you do?" " Hell yea I do!! Wait is that a walk in closet omg i am in love with this i mean MY room!!!!!!! Thank you Lou!!" I said. " Your welcome love. tomorrow we will buy you more clothes and a laptop. And love your bathroom is on the left of your closet. " Lou then said. "Ok. And cool!" I said. I walked over to my bed and started unpacking as I was Lou said he was going down to the living room to hangout with the boys back on the first floor. All my clothes fill like a fourth maybe a little less of the closet. I put all my make up in the top right draw of the sink in my bathroom. All my lady things on the top left draw of the things. I put my tooth brush in a tooth brush on the far right corner of the sink. I put my stuff for when i  cut into the bottom right drawer. After 30 minutes i was done.

  Once i finished I decided to go look around and peak in the boys rooms to who are slobs and who is neat. First room i peak in is Lou's it is mostly neat except for a few things like a hairbrush and some pj's. I close Lou's door and go peak into Harry's room next. There are close all near the hamper, near it. So he is a slob/neat. I shut the door and peaked in Niall's room next. Clothes and I hope empty food stuff! Niall = slob. I shut nialls door and went to peak in Liams room. His room was spotless. So Liam is neat. Last room I went to peak in was Zayn's. I opened his door to see it was spotless minus a few pieces of crumpled paper. That's when i saw another one hit the floor and I noticed that Zayn was in his room. He hasen't noticed me yet. So i tip toed to behind him and saw he was drawing a picture........ of me. But he has only seen what i look like once when i met him earlier today. And it wasnt long. Yet he is drawing every feature of my face. Wow. " Holy Shit" i said...... and then i think  oh shit....................................................................................


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