Wilde Fyre

Legend speaks of a Maiden born from the fyre of a thousand dragons. Childe is an unloved, she has no family and noone but her friends to love her. Childe and her friends are on a quest to find the missing fyre dragon and return peace to their realm. will Childe make it home alive and who is this Wilde Fyre the dragons speak of


1. Prologue: Hair of Fyre


Hair of Fire

"Don't you ever run away like that again! I-we w-" the head gaven began. There was someone knocking violently at the door. She opened the door; there fast asleep, wrapped tightly in blue silk to protect her from the cold night air was a baby girl with fire-like red hair. The gaven took her eyes off the baby to look for anyone who might have put her there, the empty streets couldn't get any more deserted and no light came through any window in the dark street in front of her but she didn’t even glance towards the stormy, night sky, in fear of the dragons who were most definitely up there, but there was no one in sight. She took the baby in her arms and brought her inside. What she didn't know was that there was something watching, a small but powerful dragon, a dragon with a pure heart, a heart that no man would trust not in a long time, or at least thirteen years.

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