High Tide

The waves crashed into the shore, perfect day for a surfing competition. I sit waxing my board, waiting for the manager to hand her the designated skins shirt for my endorsement in the competition today. RipCurl was scrawled in Hawaiian style across the navy and white skins shirt. I waves to my fans and crashes into the water waiting for Kanoa to meet me, both of us representing RipCurl only he sported Black and Red skins and board shorts to match. We swim out towards the other competitors sitting on our boards waiting for the Man making this happen to go over the P.A
"WELCOME LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!" the man starts his speech and starts with the left end leaving Kanoa and myself to be last, "and now to introduce the only male in the competition Kanoa Lani." Kanoa swims towards a nice wave and slices the water. Everyone cheers. My turn. "And our reigning champion, Aolani Halaway!" I wait lifting my head to the sun. I turn and speed towards a massive wave, I ride into the monster........


1. Management....what?

I wax my board waiting listening to the crash of the waves and the bustling of people, few tap on my shoulder asking for an autograph or picture. I sit and listen as my manager, well I share him with Kanoa, RipCurl blah blah blah promotions blah endorsement 2 million dollars, wait what. "2million for what again.?" "Ugh, Aolani stay with me, wear the navy and white cover for this, RipCurl wants to see how your doing since your ankle a few months back." I hurt my ankle a few months ago when I landed on another surfer she twisted around and it snapped like a twig. I did physical therapy and body building for the next month coming back stronger than ever. "I'm gonna be fine just let 'em watch as I shred the water. Kanoa should have started earlier than he did and maybe he'd have a chance.!" "A chance for what i'm gonna sweep you lani you just watch!" he did not. "Okay then, any man for himself, unless danger occurs i'm gonna shred you!" great come back self. mental high five. He stalks off talking with a few RipCurl associates before waxing his own board. I chuckle and Boyd, the manager, hands Kanoa the red and black cover, "Almost matching" I say to myself. "Um, Aolani can I borrow you a sec." I tilt my head up to see who spoke with me. It was a head for RipCurl. "Yeah sure, Hey Boyd get my board and set it by Kanoa's." I walk with the man and he starts up,"We have analyzed you and Kanoa's performances and we came to the conclusion that you two would make a wonderous couple, not really for publicity just because you could, it might boost your careers also but that was never a problem." "Wait you you think Kanoa and I should like be The G word and The B word!" I say, i'm a girl no one really dates, but is great friends with everyone Kanoa and I confessed we liked eachother last fall when I broke the ankle he had helped me and I really appreciated him, and I was THIS CLOSE to having my first kiss too. I like him I just don't know the reverse effect. "What does Kanoa think?" He would be more sensible than her. "Nothing he just blushed severely and smiled he kinda stared at you for a little too."

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