Let the rose die, it was never red anyway.

Poems, I suppose just stuff I think of at early hours or during a break.
All bunged up into one small book.. A mix of everything! Truly unique♥♥.


1. The Ending

When all love had perished,
A black-ridden, lonely heart falls silent in the thorn garden never to beat again.
When cupid broke his bow, and arrows didn't fly straight,
The moon isn't cheese,
The sun doesn't shine,
Cold and alone she cries out.
But all life had ended, nobody could hear her cry for help.
She was alone, in a world ruined by war.
Ruined by lack of love and hope, an overdose of hate and jealousy.
So she finds the remains of a smashed window,
Into her skin she cuts.
She cries even louder, the streets mock her and shout it back.
A street light flickered, but gave up instantly.
Even the still, lifeless objects had given up.
Whatever happened to our earth?
Roses aren't red.
Violets aren't blue.
Sugar isn't sweet.
I don't have you.

She gets the nerve to stand, but falls down again..
No mum, no dad, brothers or sisters.. 
All taken, by the tenebrous things that once lived in Pandora's box.
disease and sickness, hate and envy. 
They ruled the world now.
And as for the girl, she died that night.
Her name, was Peace.

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