Essential Tips for Surviving Movellas

Alright, here's some information you might need for writing your Movellas :)
It makes me sad when I see all these grammatical and spelling errors, so I'm here to help!!


8. Words Aren't Always What They Seem

     I've read a few Movellas on here and a couple of people always seem to get words, that sound the same, confused. There's actually a name for this... They're called Homophones. Here are a few:


Air and Heir

Allowed and Aloud

Angle and Angel

Aisle and Isle

Bear and Bare

Be and Bee

Bury and Berry

Buy and By

Board and Bored

Brake and Break

Cell and Sell

Cellar and Seller

Cent and Scent

Chord and Cord

Complement and Compliment

Dam and Damn

Dear and Deer

Die and Dye

Fair and Fare

Four and For

Flour and Flower

Eye and I

Hare and Hair

Hear and Here

Heel and Heal

Ice Cream and I Scream

Know and No

Knight and Night

Knot and Not

Lose and Loose

Made and Maid

Mail and Male 

None and Nun

Of and Off

Or and Oar

One and Won   (though I'm positive most of you know this difference)

Plane and Plain

Rain and Reign

Realize and Real Eyes

Right and Write

Sea and See

Scent and Sent

Slay and Sleigh 

Their and They're and There

Too and To and Two

Weight and Wait

Weather and Whether

Whole and Hole


Can you tell the difference between some of these?

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