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9. Collective Nouns For Animals

     Here you are my lovelies! A chapter to help you stay away from 'a flock of' or 'a herd' of when talking about animals. 

     Now, keep in mind that 'herd', 'flock' and 'group' are all still acceptable words to use, but if I'm reading a story about animals and I see 'a herd of' more than once, I'll get bored. Please don't take anything in this movella personally, I'm just here to help! I want to see you all become amazing writers!




An ambush of tigers

An array of hedgehogs

An army of ants/caterpillars



Bale of turtles

Ballet of swans

Band of coyotes/gorillas

Barrel of monkeys

Barren of mules

Bask of crocodiles

Bed of clams/eels/oysters/snakes

Bevy of quail/swans

Bloat of hippos

Bouquet of pheasants

Brace of ducks

Brood of chicks/hens

Building of rooks

Bury of rabbits

Business of ferrets/flies



Caravan of camels

Cast of falcons/hawks

Caravan of camels

Cast of falcons/hawks

Cete of badgers

Chain of bobolinks

Charm of falcons/finches/magpies

Clamor of rooks

Cloud of gnats/bats/grasshoppers

Cluster of bees/grasshoppers

Clutch of chicks

Colony of ants/beavers/gulls/penguins/rabbits

Company of parrots/widgeons

Conspiracy of ravens

Convocation of eagles

Cowardice of curs

Crash of rhinos

Cry of hounds

Culture of bacteria



Descent of woodpeckers

Dissimulation of birds

Dole of doves

Draught of fish

Dray of squirrels

Drift of swine

Dropping of pigeons

Drove of cattle



Earth of foxes

Exaltation of larks



Family of otter

Field of racehorses

Flight of birds/butterflies//doves/swallows

Float of crocodiles

Flock of geese/sheep

Fluther of jellyfish



Gaggle of geese

Gam of whales

Gang of buffalo/elk

Gatling of woodpeckers

Generation of vipers

Grist of bees

Gulp of cormorants/magpies



Herd of buffaloes/elephants/horse/kangaroo/pigs

Hide of tigers

Hive of bees

Horde of gnats

Host of sparrows

Hover of trout

Hum of bees

Husk of hares/jackrabbits




Intrigue of kittens

Intrusion of cockroaches



Kennel of dogs 

Kettle of hawks

Kindle of kittens

Knot of snakes/toads



Labour of moles

Lamentation of swans

Leap of hares/leopards

Leash of foxes/greyhounds

Litter of cubs/pigs/puppies



Mask of raccoons

Mob of kangaroos/emus

Murder of crows/magpies 

Muster of peacocks

Mustering of storks

Mutation of thrushes

Mute of hounds


Muster of storks

Mute of hounds



Nest of hornets/mice/rabbits/vipers/wasps



Pace of asses

Pack of hounds/rats/wolves

Paddling of ducks

Pair of horses

Pandemonium of parrots

Parade of elephants

Parliament of owls/rooks

Party of jays

Peep of chickens

Pladge of wasps

Plague of locusts

Plump of waterfowl/wildfowl

Pod of boar/dolphin/seals/walrus/whales

Pounce of cats

Prattle of parrots

Prickle of hedgehogs/porcupines

Pride of lions




Quiver of cobras




Rafter of turkeys

Rag of colts

Ramuda of horses

Rhumba of rattlesnakes

Richness of martens

Romp of otters

Rookery of penguins

Rout of wolves

Rumpus of baboons

Run of poultry




School of fish/porposes

Scold of jays

Sedge of cranes

Shiver of sharks

Shrewdness of apes

Siege of cranes/herons

Skulk of foxes/larks/quail

Sleuth/sloth of bears

Smack/smuth of jellyfish

Squabble of seagulls

Stand of flamingo

Stench of skunks

Streak of tigers

String of ponies/horses

Stud of mares

Swarm of ants/bees/eels 



Thunder of hippos

Tiding of magpies

Tittering of magpies

Totter/tower of giraffes

Tribe of goats/monkeys

Trip of goats

Troop of baboons/monkeys/kangaroos



Ubiquity of sparrows

Unkindness of ravens



Volary of birds



Wake of buzzards/vultures

Walk of snipe

Warren of rabbits

Watch of nightingales

Wedge of geese/swans

Wisdom of owls  



Yoke of oxen

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