Living with louis

The four members of one direction niall,liam,zayn,and Harry adopt a little boy. What will happen??


1. Chapter 1

Liam's pov

i was with the lads watching spongebob when I had the best idea

liam:guys we should adopt a little kid!!

the boys all looked at me with a confused look 

liam: it will help us become more responsible and it won't be so boring all the time

zayn: you know what?thats not a bad idea!!

niall:but what about management?? 

Harry: I just texted Paul and he said it was a great idea!! 

Liam:cool lets go to the orphanage down the street. 


*skip car ride*

When we arrived at the orphanage we walked up to the front desk and started talking to the lady 

liam:hello ma'am we would like to adopt a child. 

Lady:ok,well there's a room right around the corner where all of the kids are so you can go in there and if you see a kid you like then you come tell me. 

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