My luck

Hello my name is Alison Moon and I'm in a world wide known band 'The Lions' with my 2 band mates and best friends in the same time Matt Dealson and Harvey Peterson.We became famous 3 years ago in 2010.We were singing in a pub when the Simon Cowell in person told us that he wanted to make us famous.And with that it all started.


4. Who?!!?

Alison's P.O.V:

"Alison here"a paparazzi shout at me.Me and the boys were on the red carpet at the VMAs and pose for the paparazzi.We pose some more and walked to our bodyguard."This way guys"Steve our bodyguard told us.He is awesome,he's like an  uncle for us even a dad maybe."Guys you're going to perform in like an hour but don't worry i will come and get you when you have to go on stage"he told us with a smile on his face.We nodded and took our seats.I look around and the room was full of people.

Suddenly all the lights were off and just one light was on the stage and the show started.

One hour later:

The show was amazing until now.It's my first time at the VMAs and it's awesome.We have to perform soon and I can't wait.It's going to be explosive.Talking about performing the one and only one N-Sync just perform it was startling.I love them.They are phenomenal.

"Hey Al c'mon we have to go get ready"Matt kicked me out of my thoughts standing there in front of me with his arms crossed and a smirk on his face."It's something wrong with you?Are you sick or what?" I eyed him,I'm sure that he's planning something and I'm scared of what it could be.

"Where's Harvey?I didn't see him from a while." I asked looking around for him.

"He's already backstage.Let's go" He took my hand and dragged me after him."You know that you don't have to drag me all the way to our dressing room" he let go of my hand and walked beside me.We walked into a room and i thing it's the room where we are going to get changed."Honey i'm home" Harvey jumped from the make up seat and run into Matt's arms."AWW!!That's so sweet.Now you Harvey get your ass in this chair because I have to finish your make up"I laughed at the way Paula express herself."Matt after I finish him you can come. For now go get changed" She told him."Jo where is my outfit?" Matt yelled once again.I swear to God that this boy yells too much.He's constantly shouting but i think that's him and i don't want to change him.

"Darling here's your outfit too go and get changed in that room"Jo said giving me a grey t-shit with the word 'Baddies' on it,black jeans and black boots.

Taking really quickly my dress and shoes off and replacing them with the other clothes and I was done.I really don't dress up for a performance or a concert because I know that my fans want to see me not someone who I'm not.Stepping back into the room I saw that Harvey and Matt were fighting about something and i really don't want to know because I think No i don't think i'm sure that it's something stupid."Here's the dress Jo"I said giving her the dress."OK go and get your make up done you have to be on stage in like 10 minutes so hurry up."

"Hey Paula how are you today?"

"I'm really good hun.Now what can we do for your hair and make up?"She was behind my chair and looking at me in the mirror."Ahh you now what you always do" Smiling she started to take my other make up off.I usually don't wear too much make up on stage because I don't think that I need it so I put on just some mascara and foundation cream.My hair is now in a high ponytail and I'm ready to rock the stage.

"Guys c'mon you have to go on stage"Steve shouted."Good luck"Paula and Jo told us as we walked out of the room."Boys now we get to make show so don't screw this up"they just walked past me and laughed."We won't and be ready for a surprise after the performance."Matt told me "Ok.What's the surprise?"I jumped on his back for him to tell me but i think that didn't work."I'm not going to tell you if you jump on my back or mess my hair.You're going to find out after the performance." "Fine then but you still have to carry me"messing with him is really funny even through he's the most responsible one from the 3 of us it's still fun.

"Here's your guitar Matt"a man handed him a guitar "Now you have to get off me." I pout and got off his back.He put his guitar behind his neck and stood beside me.Harvey raced towards us with his drumsticks in his left hand."You guys ready?"he was breathing heavy i think because he had to run to get to us."I was born for this baby.Let's do it"I said putting my hand in front of me and the guys put their hands on mine "1,2,3 Let's go"We shouted and run on stage.The fans are crazy every time we go on stage and I like it.They are not that crazy,they are fine crazy fans,they are normal crazy fans.That's why we love them.

5 minutes late...

"That was sick.They were screaming like crazy people and one girl throw me a bra.I'm not sure if it's the bra that she was wearing or another but it was insane."Matt was jumping like a foll in the dressing room,Harvey was texting someone and I was watching Matt with amusement.

"SOOOO....what's the surprise that  you said you're going to give me after the performance?"I raise my eyebrows waiting for and answer.Matt and Harvey looked at each other and Matt nodded at him while taking a seat on the coffee table in front of me."It's actually a news and it's a pretty big news"Matt said "Are you getting married?" "No i'm not.So the news is that we are going on tour with...."He said leaving me wondering with who."You know,I'm not going to sit here all night waiting for you to tell me with who we are going on tour." "With..."the door suddenly opened and five boys stepped in shouting "One Direction"



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