She was just a sophomore in high school.
He was in the worlds most famous band.
She falls.
He catches her.
And that's when everything goes downhill.


2. What An Idiot

"In other news, Harry Styles was pictured last night at a club, seemingly drunk, drunker than Niall! Niall was the one to carry a passed out Harry to the car, and back to the hotel. Harry supposedly dumped two week girlfriend, Jackie, then appeared at the club. He is definitely living up to his heartbreaker image. Now lets look at what stars wore for Halloween last night..." the news reporter states.

I roll my eyes and turn off the TV, I can't believe stars can be so sucked into the world of fame and fortune that they go out with someone for two weeks, dump them, then go out and party. Have they lost all respect for others?

I pick up my phone and call my friend Jacky, who had been so excited when Harry and Jackie started going out because they have the same name, it's just spelled differently. I hear someone pick up the phone and sobbing in the background. Jacky's mom simply says "make it stop" and I know it's Jacky who's crying. I laugh and tell Mrs. Sheki that I'd be over in a few minutes.

I throw on some shoes and look at myself in the mirror. I smile as I imagine what Hollywood would think of me, the girl in a ripped t-shirt from the 80's, sweat pants with grass stains on the knees, and flip flops. Everyone would probably run for the hills. Just kidding, they would just pay for someone to throw me out of the city so they wouldn't have to run in heels or break a nail (and I'm not just talking about the girls). If I ever find myself in Hollywood, I'll make sure to walk around in clothes like this just to see other peoples reactions.

"Mom, I'm going to Jacky's, she's having another mental breakdown!" then walk out the front door and walk across the street. I let myself in and go straight to the home cinema. That's where Jacky always hides when she's upset.

As I walk in, Mrs. Sheki breathes "thank goodness" and scampers out as fast as she can.

"Hey Jack, so I heard Harry broke up with you?" I joke.

"Shut up" Jacky mumbles. "I'm hurt. You just don't understand."

I laugh and put my hands up in mock surrender and sit down in the seat next to my best friend. "Jacky, you weren't even dating Harry, some slut he met at a club was. Besides, you could do so much better. After he broke up with her, he partied at a club until he was so drunk Niall had to carry him home. It's disgusting, like, do you not have any feelings for other people? Guess not..."

Jacky calms down for a minute, and just when I think she's done, she screeches and the tears start up again. "What if she broke up with him? Or what if Modest forced him to break up with her? What if he got drunk because he was upset and broken hearted?" she sniffles.

I sigh and give her a hug. "You're going to find someone amazing and way better than Harry Slutles. Someone who actually deserves you."

Jack gets so mad and hits me with a pillow. "Don't call him that! He is not a slut!!" And then she starts cracking up.

We fall onto the floor and just lay there laughing. Gasping for air, Jacky says "ok, it was a little funny. Thanks for being such a good friend." She smiles and we hug. "I'll always be here for you," I promise.


*Later That Night*


We're laying on the floor as we finish watching the last of the Twilight movies. We somehow watched all 5...#sorrynotsorry

"Wanna just spend the night?" Jacky asks as we head towards the kitchen.

"Sure," I respond as I grab some ice cream out of the refrigerator and two spoons. Jacky grabs some napkins and walk up the stairs to Jack's room.

"Can I ask you something?" Jacky asks as I sit down in her pink fuzzy chair. I shrug and say "Of course you can! You're my best friend after all."

I can see her swallow before she opens her mouth to ask the question. She doesn't ask the question like she normally does, and her hesitation is making me kind of on edge. Jack never hesitates. Ever.

She finally starts asking the question, and I can't believe what comes out of her mouth.

"Um...when you get famous, will you come visit me?" she asks slowly, staring at the ground.

I laugh until she looks at me and I can tell she's serious. "Jacky, we all know you would become famous before I ever would. I should be asking you that question. Why would you even say that?"

"Well, I...um...you know that video we made two weeks ago when Harry and Jackie stared going out and I was so excited and you put up with my excitement and we danced and sung to 22 by Taylor Swift?"

"Yeah..." I'm actually kind of scared to see where this goes.

"Well we had taken like 5 different shots of each other, so I put together all of your scenes, edited Taylor's voice out. Luckily you were singing loud enough that you could easily be heard. And you made all those weird but cool dance moves, especially the one where you were like building up then dropped into your split, gosh I wish I was as flexible as you, I'm the one who brought you to dance class that first day and you're so much better than me and it's not fair and..."

"JACKY! Why are you bringing up the video?"

"Well...I edited it and put it online last night..."

"You what?!" I scream. "How could you? We were just messing around! Now everyone is going to see how dorky I am! At school I always ignore everyone, it took me forever to build up the 'don't care' persona, now everyone is going to see how weird I am!"

"Ya...um...there's...more" Jacky drags her voice out.

I groan and say "What? What is it?"

"...The video already has 7 million views...and 548 comments. Every single one is positive, saying how good of a singer you are! You've become internet famous within 12 hours! Listen to these comments, 'Love your voice so much, wish I could sing like you!' 'How do you sing and dance at the same time? I get so out of breath, you are amazing!' 'Post another video, PLEASEEE!!' See? You're gonna be famous!" Jacky bounces up and down.

"That's not possible, you're a way better singer than me! Why did you do this? You know I don't want to be famous!! I want exactly the opposite, to sit in a café in Paris writing my latest novel. Take the video down, NOW." I demand.

"No!" she yells and runs out of the room. "It's too late!"

Even if she thinks I'm a better dancer and singer than her, I'm not nearly as fast as her, so I get out of the chair and walk over to her computer, where she was reading the comments. I read some of them, and I realize she's right, all the comments are really nice. I press play and watch the video. I sigh, guess I'm internet famous now, but there's no way she can convince me to make another video. Ever.

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