She was just a sophomore in high school.
He was in the worlds most famous band.
She falls.
He catches her.
And that's when everything goes downhill.


1. Lonely

Harry's POV


I wake up and sigh. My girlfriend broke up with me. Why do they always break up with me? It's like they date me just to get sex, then when they realize I didn't ask them out for their bodies, they break up with me. No one knows it, but I'm actually a virgin. Management wants me to put off this badass playboy heartbreaker image. Apparently girls dig that, I don't know. I hate lying though. I just haven't found the right person.


I groan as I sit up, Niall and I had been out partying late last night, and now I have a major hangover. Niall thought I was just in a party mood, but I was just drinking away the pain. I think I was more drunk than Niall, which is a really hard thing to achieve. Niall is Irish, after all.

I roll over onto my stomach and ruffle my hair. I place my feet on the floor of the hotel's carpeted floor and wiggle my toes. I laugh to myself as I think about how one day, I'll have a lasting girlfriend, and when she stands in front of me, she'll wiggle her perfect little toes. One day...one day. I just have to keep telling myself that.

I slump over to the bathroom and hop in the shower, letting the hot water burn my skin. When I get out I wrap a towel around my waist and sit back down on my bed. I turn on my phone and check twitter.

"Love you Harry!"
"Stay beautiful Harry <3"
"How's your day goin' Harry"

I smile, knowing my girls will always be there for me. If only I could meet every single one of them...

Niall comes into my room, and I'm glad I have a towel on because a stranger is right behind him.

"Hey Harry, this is Jim. He wants to do an interview with you...uh...after you get dressed," he laughs awkwardly. I know he doesn't care because he's seen me naked before, he was embarrassed for the other guy, I reckon.

I nod and walk into the bathroom with some jeans and a t-shirt. When I walk back out, Jim is sitting at the table and Niall is laying on the floor.

"It's very nice to meet you sir," I say to Jim as I shake his hand.

"It's very nice to meet you, Harry. So I understand that Jackie and you broke up last night, then you spent the rest of the night partying. What happened, and how did you get over her so fast?" Jim doesn't mess around, he asks me what he came to ask.

I play it off likes it's nothing, I've had a lot of practice with making up these kinds of stories. "It wasn't serious, we're just teenagers, messing around. You know how it is," I shrug.

Jim just nods and begins walking around the room. Suddenly, he reaches into the pocket of his suit and pulls out a diamond shaped device. He doesn't explain, just sticks it onto the wall and presses the button in the center. A high pitched noise fills the room, reverberating off the walls. I clutch my ears, but Niall just looks bored, slightly amused maybe.

"What the hell was that?!" I ask after the sound dies down.

Jim turns toward me and smirks. "I'm not an interviewer, I'm the new head of One Direction's, and more specifically your and Niall's, security. This device is a debugger. It seems as though the hotel out at least 3 listening devices into your room. I hope you don't talk about your day in your sleep like Niall does. I know about your history with women, and the real truth. I know everything, please hand me your phone."

It's a lot to take in, and I really don't know what to do, so I take my phone out of my pocket and hand it to him. He types in my code (and I'm not really surprised that he knows it). He fiddles around for a minute, then hands it back to me.

"Harry, I'm YOUR friend. Modest was tracking your phone. They hired me because I'm the best at protecting people. They didn't know that I would also be protecting you from them. They won't be happy, but in the contract that they signed when they hired me said that only YOU or Niall can fire me. I'm on your side." He smiles.

I look at Niall, who nods with a smile on his face. It would be nice to have someone working for us that's on our side.

"Alright." I nod. This should be interesting...

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