Two Shades of Night

Late night contemplation, early morning revelation - all leaves of the same tree. The idea that people can be categorized and defined is a very interesting one. Can a person by confined by 26 letters? No. But can a group of people? Maybe.
A hearty attempt of conveying romantic good natures.


1. Two Shades of Night


Two Shades of Night

Of all my theories 
Of one I am certain
The world is inevitably divided.
Quite possibly into two.


Not in faces or tongues 
But through looks and listens
The split I see lies between
The sleepers and the dreamers.


The sleepers who float through
Life, gazing straight ahead.
Although happier of the two
As they grow in blissful slumber.


Rest does not soothe the dreamers
For their bodies are as restless as
Their souls. Desperate eyes scanning
Skyscrapers whilst their heads scrape clouds.


The world is as halved 
As its people. We are not
Fixed in a lifetime
But fluxuate on a scale.


Reality is wasted by all

The impossible concept

As the sleepers daze through it
And the dreamers ignore it.


Let us have both the hope of a dreamer
And the peace of Sleeper. 
Dreams are as essential as sleep
The spirit needs equal rest as flesh.


Despite spending our lives daydreaming
We could not face our nightmares
Without seeking refuge in the
Lullaby of a brighter morning.



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