A poem I LOVE !!!!


1. Questions

Why is it 
That we define one's stupidity
By their examination grades?
By the amount of time it takes them to solve a math problem?
By the lack of confidence with which they speak?
Why is it
That we do not define one's intelligence
By their questions,
By the way they understand how we all function,
By the things they wish to learn?
Why is it 
We judge one another by the scores of our school years,
As opposed to the million thoughts that cross our minds?
Have you ever met someone
Who is as smart as all of their professors combined,
But they can't seem to know a damn thing about the world?
The world itself.
No, not biology; geography; or astrology,
But the things that make us all people.
The things that cause us to feel;
To hurt;
To smile;
To cry.
The things that make us think,
Think about what should have turned out differently, or what shouldn't have.
The things that make us wonder,
Wonder about why none of us can seem to get  a break.
Stupidity should be judged by how much you question,
and the things you question.
If you do not ask questions, 
What do you really learn?

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