Beast Academy

Two girls who are totally different change into somethings that people think that are only in myths and are taken to a different realm to beast academy a orphanage/boarding school Beast Academy which they are not the only ones that are how can we say it..... BEASTS!


1. Phoenix Flare

Phoenix's POV

My name was Harper Flare untill last night I was an orphan and one night while I was sleeping in a pile of leaves when I saw a bright red light I woke up to see a phoenix, was I dreaming? Of course I was I thought a phoenix doesn't exist it put its what ever its hands are called in my hands and flew higher and higher I didn't dare let go it flew away into the clouds we were flying for a while its eyes becoming wet and flying lower untill my feet were in a river I was tempted to let go for I love to swim but I know what happens when I dream about water so I tucked my feet up to stop myself from getting wet and having an accident we flew above the lake and swiflty dodging  houses and staring at me as if to say 'Don't let go or else' so I held on it seemed to go on for ever but I tried not to complain because I didn't know what he or she would do to me I was starting to leave the dream idea like those pile of leaves I used to sleep in. I released one arm to pinch my other I nearly let go with pain but I wasn't dreaming it took a while but I managed to grab on again.The wind whipped my nutty brown hair into my grey eyes so I couldn't see where it was taking me if I did I would have let go. The phoenix took me to the top to a mountan seemed familar then it hit me. This was AN ACTIVE VOLCANO. The phoenix set me at the rim of the tip top of the volcano. I felt weird like I was going to faint the phoenix looked at me and started to fall in. I couldn't let it die in the flames so I jumped onto it "FLY!" I shouted the phoenix did so but dumped me to fall in the last moment I remember as Harper was seeing the pheonix look at me from the edge and shapeshift into a lady in a  black cloak say "This is the one," I'm not Harper anymore its Phoenix, Phoenix Flare

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