The five senses

The five senses.


1. The five senses

I’ve heard whispers in the night,

loved  the sound of strangers passing by,

listened up, covered my ears

but I never heard  that your love would pierce.


I’ve seen a thousand faces,

seen the grieving, loving, anxious

I saw tears, I bled them myself

I watched the known turn into whatever else.


I breathed the scent of fall itself,

smelled the summer, winter, well

a million flowers, spring and bend

but how I wish I’d caught your scent.


I tasted absence, tasted lies,

tasted the falls, destined to rise

I tasted sweets and bit the sour

I did taste red in my darkest hour.


I felt lonely, I did feel scared

I once felt empty, thought I’d never dare to dare

feeling falling down, without a clue

but most of all, I felt the you. 

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