To Infinity and Beyond-Sequel To Born To Be Somebody-

Destiny has gone through so much and she doesn't know what is in stored for her. Will there be more drama...enemies...fights...break-ups...but most importantly...a happy ending?

∞To Infinity and Beyond∞


1. Teen Choice Awards-Part One



3 years later...



Destiny's P.O.V



"Mommy, do we have to go?" My little baby girl asked. "Yes, sweetie. Everyone is going." I said kissing her forehead. I grabbed her outfit and put it on. "Mom, is Darren dressed?" I asked. "Yeah, he's coming." Mom called out from the living room.


It's been 3 years since I saw Harry. Zayn and Niall are the only ones I have seen because they always come over to our house in London and play with the kids. Turned out I had fraternal twins. Darren is the eldest then Darcy.


Darcy Mae Schmidt:


Darren Mason Schmidt:

We moved to London because everything was there. We don't live in Minnesota anymore, but that doesn't mean I'll forget my childhood moments that I had back in Minnesota. So many things happened in the past three years.


Mom and Mike got married and it was beautiful. Everyone was there and now Mike is my new Dad and also my kids Papa. Also Kendall and Lucy are engaged. Sam and Zayn are still going strong. Kevin and Danielle have a son and he's older than Darce and Darren. Jamie and Niall have been together for long time, although they've had their ups and downs but everything is all good.


My tour last year was amazing. Ed Sheeran was opening for me and he was great. On my very first tour I had to take a break cause I was giving birth to my lovely twins and now their both strong and healthy, now they get to come with me.


"Mommy, look at me." Darren said and I looked at him. "Wow, don't you look handsome." I smiled. "Mama, did it for me." He said. 

"What is this?" Darren asked pointing to his red bow tie. "It's a bow tie." Darce said and Darren nodded. Even though Darren is the oldest, he still doesn't know some other things. "Okay, Darce. Your done." I said doing her head band.


"Thanks, Mommy." She smiled. "No problem, babe." I said kissing her forehead. "What about me?" Darren pouted. I pecked his forehead and the door opened. "We're here!" Zayn called out and Sam right behind him.


"Uncle Zaynie!" Darce and Darren ran towards Zayn and he picked them up making Sam laugh. "Hey you two, I love your outfits." Sam grinned. "Mommy and Mama did it." Darren said and I laughed.


"I'll just go get ready." I said and they nodded. I opened my suitcase and got out what I'm wearing tonight. Were going to the Teen Choice Awards and it's going to be fun. I put on my outfit and did my make-up and hair.


 I walked out the door and saw everyone was dressed. "Ready to go?" I asked and they all nodded. We made our way out of the hotel and got into the limo. Niall and Zayn had to wait for Paul because were not walking together.




"Your seat is over here, Ma'am." The man said and my seat was right next to Nick. Everyone started coming in and the fans were screaming from the sides. "Come here you two." I said to Darce and Darren. 


"Hey." Nick said kissing my cheek. Joe and the rest were behind us. Zayn was sitting on the edge next to Sam and then Jamie and Niall. "Hey buddy." Nick said fist pumping Darren. Demi came and sat next to Darcy and now everybody was in.


"Hey, Aunt Demi." Darce smiled. "Hey, sweetie. You look adorable. Aww." Demi said pecking her cheek. Soon the lights dimmed down and the spotlights were moving around. "One Direction!" That was all I heard and then Bam! They walked down the steps singing their new single I think.




"Maybe it's the way she walked..." Harry started singing. I haven't seen him for years and now I finally see him. He still looks the same but just with a few more tattoo's. Zayn was wearing Sam's red snap-back and Louis looks different. Lou did something with his hair.


They all look exhausted and tired. Their still on tour but they still came to the Teen Choice Awards. Pink and yellow flowers petals were falling down and Darcy was catching them. The fans were screaming out loud making me laugh.


Demi pulled up and we started dancing to the song. I gotta say the song is very catchy. The beat just makes you wanna dance. 





"Please welcome, your hosts for Teen Choice Awards 2013...Darren Criss and Lucy Hale!" A man said and Darren looked at me. "Mommy, the man said my name." Darren said and I nodded laughing.


"Look, baby. It's Aunt Lucy." I said and Darcy tried to see. I laughed and grabbed her and now she could see her. 


"Miss, your performing next." A man said. "I'll be back okay?" I said and kissed Darce and Darren and followed the man backstage. "Our next performance is not a stranger to the Teen Choice Awards. She has won two awards for Best Female Artist for the last two years and she got an award this year again. Please welcome...Destiny Schmidt!" I started singing and the screams got louder.



"Everyone give it up for my good friend. Nick Jonas." I said and everywhere cheered. Nick took off his glasses and waved. He was playing the drums cause my drummer was sick. 


"Give it up for Destiny Schmidt everybody!" Lucy said and everyone clapped.


I walked backstage and hugged Nick. "Thank You so much." I smiled. "No problemo." He said and we went back to our seats. I came, Darren and Darcy were not in their seats. "Where's Darce and Darren?" I asked Demi. "She's with Zayn and Sam." Demi said pointing upwards.


I looked to Zayn was holding Darren and then I turned to look for Darcy and my eyes widened. Harry was holding Darcy! Oh no! Harry and I made eye contact and I quickly looked away. Shit!


What if he finds out that those are his kids?


The camera man came and took Nick and I's photo.






















A/N: I finally published the sequel! I'm sorry if it's boring! We're you guys expecting twins or no? Leave comments below and I will update soon! Stay Beautiful :) x

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