forgotten a harry styles fan fic*On Hold*

he said he'll never forget me and that's exactly what he did he just left me without even saying a good bye.... what happens when they fall in love but then get separated


1. chapter 1

 Hi my name is Nicole but every one calls me Nicky  I have light brown hair and im kind of short I live in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire England yes the same place where the famous Harry Styles lived don't ask me if I knew him because I did I knew him every well we were actually best friends until he went to the x-factor wait im forgetting to tell you what happened when I was 4 I moved here with my mum dad and brother I meet harry the same day I moved in he was my neighbor I was walking around the front yard when I bumped into him "hi im nicky I just moved here" I said to him "hi im harry" he replied "want to play a game?" I asked "sure but I have to ask my mummy first" we both we ran into his house and he asked his mum if he can come to my house to play a game she said yea and with that we ran to my house and we started to play tag it was really hard because we were the only two playing

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