does he love me back ???

This a story of a girl who's best friend became part of one of the most famous boy bands in the world !!!ONE DIRECTION !!! As she goes on tour with them she realises she wants to be more than friends but will he love her back ???


1. intro

Hi my names delillah and im 20 years old and im avout to make the biggest decision of my life your probably thinking what on earth ia she talking about well ill tell you....


It was about a year ago this whole thing started louis my all time best friend decided to audition for the xfactor but most people know him as Louis Tomlinson the silly one in one direction but you will have never heard about me im Delilah Williams you wont of heard of me because I wanted to stay out of the public eye you know keep my private life private but im the reason louis sang hey there delilah , cheesy right?; D


Anyway thats enough about me back to my decision well this is months after the decision andnafter onendirection released there first album and anout 2 months before there tour I hadnt really been in that much contact with louis just the occasional text. But it was a cold horrible day infact the afternoon after my boyfriend jason had dumped me and I was sitting on my bed eating carrots and watching the notebook when my mum shouted up to tell me I had a visiter

Great... I thought jason coming back to me... well im not going throuhh that again 

When I sensed someone at my door "go away" I shouted and threw a cushion at the person and turned my head back to the tv. 

Suddenley I was getting attacked by the cushion I had threw I was about to scream for help when I heard a laugh, a laugh that id missed and longed for over the past few month.

I looked up and there was louis standing there with his cheeky little grin on his face 


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