This is the story of how Marietta fell in love with her best friend.


1. My Name Is Marietta

We lied on his bed. My head was hanging over the edge and he lied with the pillows and his iPod. We listened to Teach Me by Observer Drift; one of our favorite songs.

“What is your biggest secret?” he asked. I pretended to think of that for a second and answered:

“I have a crush on someone”.

I could hear him smile. How he blew air fast and shortly out of his nose.

“Who is he?” he asked in a curious way.

I sat up and faced him, and then I lied back down but with my head on his feet.

“Well”, I said with a smile. “He is just a really funny guy. He makes me laugh whenever I try to be serious and he always makes me forget about the rest of the world. He is my best friend, he is gorgeous by the way”, I said. We both laughed and looked down at the bed.

“That reminds me of someone I know”, he said while smiling. “I know this girl and she is really sweet. I had never been as happy as whenever I saw her. I started talking to her and she was even sweeter than she seemed”, he said. He still looked down at the bed, but I stared at his eyes.

“She is beautiful and I will do whatever it takes to make her realize that”, he said. He looked at me and we both smiled, not to be polite, not to be good friends; just because we couldn’t help it.

I sat up and leaned my body towards him. Our faces met and I went for a kiss without hesitating or as much as thinking. He kissed me back and we both closed our eyes. He turned up the volume on the iPod.


That was how I got my first boyfriend. We were only fifteen, too young and too stupid for love.

I knew it would make me break at some point, but I just felt like taking a chance… with my best friend.


I lived in Italy with my dad, sister and cat. I loved my teenage years; they’re memories I will talk about forever. First year of high school is when it all happened:


First day of high school; I was so nervous. My hands were sweating and I had to keep changing shirts in the morning because I was sweating so much. My heart was beating faster than ever and I was even shaking a bit but I was fine.  I was just so excited, happy and worried at the same time. I felt like I was going to throw up, but dad would never let me skip breakfast.

“Marietta! Breakfast is ready!” dad shouted. I was getting ready which was very important on the first day of school. My hair was died bright red with purple in it and my skin was a bit tanned. I always wore dresses. Everything pastel was mine, no matter what it was. Everything I owned was pastel and cute.

I picked out a bright pink dress with white flowers on it. I had my little bright brown handbag on my side.

I went downstairs to get breakfast before dad would shout again. Our house was huge but unfortunately it wasn’t pastel. It was white and bright brown and was filled with plants, both inside and outside.

I sat by the table and poured some cereal and milk in the white bowl. My little sister, Mariola, sat next to me and dad sat in front of me. I put some berries on top of my cereal and had the first scoop of breakfast.

I loved food. I ate all the time without shame. Luckily, I was very skinny and never gained weight. Yay!

“All the kids are going back to school today, so the traffic may be a bit chaotic this afternoon.”

Dad turned off the radio. He hated listening to it. He said it took away his concentration and that he couldn’t eat while the room was noisy. His big, Italian beard was soon filled with milk from his breakfast.

Mariola started to laugh and I handed dad a napkin. He dried his beard and smiled. He might have been an old, angry Italian man, but he could never hide a smile.

“So, Mariola! First day of second grade, are you excited?” I asked.

She suddenly went all quiet. I looked at dad but he was just as confused as I was.

“What’s wrong, honey? Aren’t you excited about going back to school?” I asked and put my arm around her. She dug in her bowl with her spoon and stared at the bottom of the bowl.

“I am… it’s just…” she said and sighed.

I held her tighter with my one arm around her and asked:
“It’s just what?”

She put her spoon down and said:
“There’s a really mean boy at school; his name is Antonios and he always pulls my hair and steals my pencil.”

Dad and I knew what that was all about.

“Mariola, my beautiful little princess”, dad said. “When a little boy does that to a little princess like you…” he leaned forward and whispered in her ear:
“…it means he likes you.”

He sat up again and said:
“But you stay away from him. You are too young for that”.

Mariola gave dad a bad look and said:
“Ew, did I ever say I wanted to?!”

Dad and I started laughing. He looked at the clock hanging at the end of the table and said:
“Go, go, you are late”.

We kissed dad on the cheek and said:
“Thanks for breakfast, papa”.

We hurried as fast as we could and got our shoes on. We got our bags on our backs and ran out of the door.

Mariola’s school was far away so she had to go on the bus. I always waved goodbye to her as the bus drove off. Luckily, my school wasn’t that far away, so I could always just walk. I heard someone behind me on my way to school; it was him.

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