Missing Files

Callie King is your average only-child teenager, well, as average as a seventeen year old spy can be. Her parents died on a mission when Callie was only fourteen. Her aunt decided to take over the Qualcomm Academy for Exceptionally Young Women. Callie and her two friends, Michelle Bennet and Natalie Schild, go on adventures, solving stories for the FBI, and finishing high school all at the same time. But what happens when Callie get's sent on a mission all by herself to inspect a drug dealer? Callie goes farther into examining and finds missing files about this mysterious stranger. What happens when she finds out the unbelievable? Can she keep a secret? Or will everything crumble down?


1. Twisting a Normal Day

I stare off into space as Mr.Groth speaks about our countries history. But I'll I think about is whether or not I can name all the plants I see outside, like I use to. Before my mom died.

My parents both died in a helicopter on a mission, I never knew until two months later when some cops found their bodies washed up on the shore. From there my life was all about missions and grades. There's no time for boys, or any other activities, I live in my parents footsteps now. That's how I was taught, and that's how I will succeed.

"Callie!" Mr.Groth yells at me, bringing me back to the present day. "What's is the answer to the question I just asked?"

I think back to when he was talking, but it all just comes up blank. Did he even ask a question?

My face heats up as I hear some girls snicker at me. As Mr.Groth  turns his back on us for a second or two, Natalie carefully slips a piece of paper into my hands.

I speed read through it:

What is the population of Nairobi, Kenya in Africa? -N

"Mr.Groth, sir, the population would be 3.039 million people, more or less." I say, very confident in my answer.

Mr.Groth turns back to us and says, "Very good, Ms.King. But you and Ms.Schild both know passing notes is unacceptable."

I look over to Natalie, to see her reaction dumbfounded, her face reflecting mine. How did he see her give me the note?

At that very moment, the bell started ringing, dismissing us for lunch, and interrupting my thoughts as well.

"Before you all go," Mr.Groth started yelling, "you need to make sure you all bring your camouflage suit tomorrow, we'll be doing exercises to get you ready for your first mission! Have a nice lunch, ladies."

I pack up my supplies into my bag, and head out the door with Natalie.

"How do you think he saw us, Cal?" Natalie whispers.

"You have to see it this way, Nat. Mr.Groth is a spy teacher. A SPY teacher. Which means he probably sees everything." I reply.

"Yeah, I realize that, but don't think it's a bit, I don't know, creepy?"

"Creepy? Really Natalie? There's nothing creepy about being a spy teacher who happens to be really smart. He is a spy teacher for a reason." I say.

"Whatever, I still think it's a bit weird." She starts laughing which has me laugh with her, and in seconds we're both having laughing fits.

I wipe the tears dropping down from my eyes and say, "Alright, sure, it's a little weird, but let's just go eat lunch.

We walk together to lunch, and grab our salads and water. I walk over and sit down next to Michelle. "Hey girly."

Michelle peeks up from her book and says a quick hello before she goes back to reading.

"Uhm..well, what are you reading?"

She glances at me, and I can tell she's a bit annoyed with me. "Did you know vampires are real?"

Her words caught me off guard. "Er..what? You know we're not suppose to say false accusations like that." I warn her.

'I know," she whispers. "But I swear this book shares good solid facts, that make me question if they're truly real or not."

Natalie pops up beside me. "Of course not! That's funny. Have you seen Twilight? Now, if there were such things as vampires, I'd like to meet Edward. But of course they're just actors."

"Sure, whatever, but once you read this book, you'll question everything." With that, Michelle went back to reading her book, and I push my salad away, having lost my appetite.

School carries on the rest of the day, and I focus and work hard just as usual, but Michelle's words echo quietly in the back of my head. Of course vampires are only fictional, if they were real, wouldn't there be less and less people each day with them feeding on blood and killing people? Ugh, why am I thinking about this, it's stupid. And with that, the thought would leave my head just as quickly as it came.


Hi guys! It's DancerbyHeart here, and I just thought of a good story to write, so I just decided to type it! I will still be updating If Only You Knew Me, but I feel like this one is of to a better start. Please comment and like, it'll help me a ton! I love you all! And if you have a movella that you would like me to read, just comment below! I'll update as soon as possible!(:


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