It's Complicated

4 Canadian girls rent a house on the beach in California for the summer. Ellie entered a radio contest there and won tickets to concert. What will happen when a group of guys rent the house next door??? Read to find out


1. The Surprise

Ellie's P.O.V.


I woke up to my alarm blaring in my ear. I sat up to turn it off and I get hit by a football.

"OW! Sadie." I grumbled.

"Turn it off!" Sadie complained.

"No. I'm gonna leave on now because you hit me with a football. Why do you have a foot ball here anyway?" I asked.

"I was hanging out with my brother in the park yesterday before I came." She replied.

"Whatevs. I'm gonna get me some foods!" I said as I stepped over Parker and Annabeth to go downstairs. I walked toward the fridge to get leftovers from yesterday. I got out a tray to carry my food upstairs. I loaded it with a stack of waffles, a cup full of bacon, some apple slices, a bowl of froot loops and a mini jug of chocolate milk. When I get upstairs everybody is up and jamming out to Chole by Emblem3 and singing into their hairbrushes.

"You guys are weird." I say over the music. I put down my food on my bed and joined them. When the song ended and we all collapsed exhausted. I started to munch on my bacon.

"I am fascinated by how you can eat so much and yet stay so tiny." Annabeth stated. We all giggled.

My computer made the sound that indicates I got an e-mail. I ran over to see who it was from. IT WAS FROM MY FAVOURITE RICH UNCLE COLLIN! He's the co-owner of SYCO!

"GUYS! IT'S FROM UNCLE COLLIN!" I say excitedly.

"What does it say!?" Annabeth asks anxiously.

From: Uncle Collin

To: Ellie

Subject: Graduation Present

Hey El! Sorry I couldn't make it to your graduation ceremony yesterday but I hope you had a great time! Since I'm moving from California to Italy I would like for you and your friends to housesit for a year until I get back. I already bought you tickets which are attached to this e-mail. You leave tomorrow. I've already spoke with your parents who have spoken with your 3 friend's parents. I will arrange for a limo to pick you up from the airport to the house. There will be a little surprise waiting for you when you get there. I trust you all will stay away from the boys there! Congratulations on graduating! Hope you have fun!

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