OUCH the cat bit me (one direction cat hybrid story)

It was just another tmh concert for the boys, but one 'fan' threw a cat on stage. When Harry tries to lift it up to take it away it bites him. Harry starts feeling hot and sweaty during the concert and has to rush of stage only to find out that he was no longer normal. How will he keep it a secret from the boys or will he tell them?


1. Chapter One


Harrys pov.


We rush of stage to change into our second change of clothes. I rush over to my room and take out my rolling stones top and some black skinny jeans. I quickly shake my hair, spray some deodorant and then rush back to the stage. 

"Hey Louis great show so far hey!?" I exclaim to Louis as i spot him in a grey top with trousers on by the pop up stage thing(AN sorry i don't know what that's called :L )

"Yeah it's great, this is going to be great show, one of the best i think"

"Yeah i can't wa-" I was cut of by Paul's booming voice.

"BOYS GET ON STAGE NOW THE FANS HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR 4 MINUTES" I leg it over to Louis and seconds later i was greeted by my fans. I love our fans, they make our life worth living.

"Who's ready to hear rock me?!" Louis screams.

In reply we hear thousands upon thousands of fans scream back at us.

"I'll take that as a yes" Louis smirks.

Suddeny a cat like shriek catches the air. Everybody turns to stare at me. Louis,Niall,Zayn,Liam and all the fans. I shrug my shoulders but a ginger cat on the middle of the stage catches my eyes. I start walking over to the cat to pick it up. When i finally reach over to it i realise that its bleeding quite heavily. Tears prick my eyes. 

"Whats wrong" Niall asks.

"The cats bleeding quite bad, i don't think its going to live" I turn and start crying into nialls shoulder. Yes yes i know you properly think im such a wimp but i dont like animals dieing so you could properly imagine me in marley and me.

"Oh hazza i know, i know do you want to pick it up?" 

I nod and go over to pick it up when suddenly his eyes snap open. Bright green orbs stare at me before he hisses and then bites my hand.

"OUCHH OUCHH OUCHHH" I scream. The cat suddenly falls limp. Dead.

"HARRY ARE YOU OKAY?" Paul screams onto the stage. I stand up and cradle my hand. I nod my head and pick up my mic and get ready to sing rock me. I suddenly start to feel quite dizzy but i put that behind me and start to sing.

"Do you remember summer 09 wannnnnnaa goooo-" I suddenly stop after i start slurring and grab my head in pain. I suddenly don't hear the crowd anymore but i start hearing a sudden ringing. I try to control my shaking but it doesnt matter, i can't stop. I feel some hands roam on me trying to comfort me. I stand up and run over backstage. I dont care about the fans at the moment somethings happening. And its not normal. I run past the security and into my private dressing room.I lock the door and slide down it. The ringing has stopped and i can hear worried voices of the team. I suddenly start to feel something weird happen to my eyes. It feels as if someone has grabbed hold of my eyeballs and is slowly squeezing them. I hear multiple banging as i try to stand up to walk over to my mirror. I gasp at the sight of me. My face was deadly pale and my eyes.. oh my god my pupils have turned into slits. Just like a cat. I look at the top of my head and see two ginger cat ears pop out. I scream at the sight but my teeth make me scream even more, two sharp canine fangs. OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD. I am half cat. I HARRY EDWARD STYLES IS HALF BLOODY CAT!

AN so hey i was on my way back from this is us and was like IM GONNA WRITE A HYBRID FANFIC AND FINSH IT so like yeah here i am writing a hybrid fanfic :) I need to know wether this is a good start otherwise i know im rubbish HAHAHA so yeah byyyeee x



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