Left for the dead

Spirit is a bay dartmoor pony. He has cruel owners, who aren't afraid to use a whip if he doesn't do as they demand. Will anyone ever come to his salvation and give him a better home?


1. Pain

CRACK! The tall men hit me hard with a leather whip again. "TROT" one of them screamed. I stood still. CRACK! The whip hit me again, harder this time. I bucked, reared then galloped into the door, pushing it open. The men chased after me. I cantered into the paddock, my leg was hurting badly, and it started to bleed a little.

I started to eat as soon as i got there. I'm hungry. They haven't fed me for over a day. Then they caught up with me, but they were warn out. They caught their breathe, then walked towards me. One was holding the whip, and was playing about with it and staring right into my eyes. My ears went down. They still came forward. I bit the man holding the whip's arm and kicked the other man. I knew what i was in for next. I heard ten cracks of the whip and evil laughter, then the world went into darkness . . .

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