Loving is Hard

What happens when one girl's only friend dies? Well Lily is that type of girl. Her only friend died on her. All of her family is dead. She gets bullied at school. She locks herself out of earth. After a while she finds there is no reason to live. But what if a cute blondie with sea blue eyes tries to help her?


12. Chapter 7

Lily's POV

I woke up and Niall wasn't there. Maybe it was a dream. I checked the house and I couldn't find him. I looked outside and saw the football captain looking at me with hatered. " Hey I got your little Niall his girlfriend spilled the beans" he said. " Just then 2 other football memebers holding Niall. They just looked at me. Niall looked at me with a sympthetic look. I was so confused. Why would I care that they had Niall I never asked him to be here. " Why should I care he came here himself I never asked him to be here. I don't care about him, take him it doesn't bother me." I said. " Well if you don't care I guess you won't care if we keep him for a couple days." he said. "Do it I don't care!" I shouted. I went inside and watched them drive away. I went to my room and brushed my hair. I got changed into this http://images.search.yahoo.com/r/_ylt=A0PDoX4.9klSVB0Auq2jzbkF;_ylu=X3oDMTBtdXBkbHJyBHNlYwNmcC1hdHRyaWIEc2xrA3J1cmw-/SIG=12alnto0c/EXP=1380607678/**http%3a//indulgy.com/post/jkUQK34TH1/cute-summer-outfits . Then I went to the kitchen and grabbed my stack of cash from the cookie jar. I had about $50. The only reason I have this money is because my teachers would pay me to go to school. But then I decided it was best that I stay home instead. I went outside and looked at my house. It wasn't much it was just a trailer. It had a kitchen, a living room, a bathrrom, 2 bedrooms. I walked down the street and saw a taxi. I decided not to waste my money. I went down the street some more and came to nandos. I went inside and got something to eat. I looked over at the door and the football team came in. So did Niall I ran to the bathroom. I counted my money and I still had about $40.

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