"Just Friends"

Hi I'm Kelly Hunter and I'm 16 years old and I am like Austin Mahone's biggest fan! I have the most best friends and an amazing family but they do they on my nerves, oh yea and did I mention that my dad is the worlds richest man?


1. The Beginning Of It All

 Kelly's POV


It was a normal, boring day in London; get up, go to school, do lessons, eat, do more lessons, go home, spend 100million hours on the Internet, eat again and go to bed. 

"Kelly wake up! Your alarm went off 20 minutes ago!" I heard my mum scream up the stairs. 

"I'm awake mum, I'll be down in a minute!" I shout back down to her.
I got up and looked at all my clothes  and I got out and put on a black Austin Mahone t-shirt and black skinny jeans with my black vans. I went down-stairs and grabbed a bit of toast out the toaster, put some jam on it, said bye to mum and walked out the door.

 I walked down the road to my friend Erika's house and knocked on her door she stepped out and we headed to the hell hole we call school. As we walked into the car park everybody was pointing and laughing, me and Erika didn't have a clue why but then we turned around and there where two new girls in the exact same clothes as us! The girls both blushed and started apologising to us we just said its cool and walked strait to the toilets and swapped tops so they weren't the exact same outfits. We walked out and realised that the other girls done the exact same thing! So I got my top off of Erika and gave her her top back and left it as that.

The bell went for lessons so I went to my first lesson and to my surprise my seat was taken by the same girl that had the same outfit as me. I found out her name was Hannah and she had moved here from Liverpool, she is really nice and so is her twin sister Milly so me and Erika decided to meet up with them after school. We are gonna meet at the shopping centre at 5pm in Primark (my favourite shop). 

I got home and it was about 4o'clock so I logged on to my laptop and went onto my emails and it came up with a competition to be in Austin Mahone's latest music video for What About Love! So I entered and it said the results will come at the weekend, but that's 5 days away! I'm not sure i can go that long without telling anyone about the competition. 

I looked at the time and realised it was ten to five! Only 10mins till I have to meet the girls, I better hurry up. I had a quick shower and got dressed in some red skinnys and a white top with skull and cross bones on it and my red converse. 

I walked out the door and got on the train, paid for my ticket and got off at my stop. When I walked into Primark I saw the girls strait away, they were all giggling and laughing. I walked over to them and asked them what was so funny they just started laughing even more. I went on my tiptoes to see what they were looking at and saw that a group of really cute boys had left their photo from the photo booth on the floor. The girls had their minds set on finding them boys, then Erika started talking, "Why don't we walk around the shops looking for them?" But right as she said that the very same group of boys came and tapped me on the shoulder and said "Uurmmm hi would you and your friends like to come and have something to eat with us?" The boy that asked the question had a very strange accent like from Manchester and had moved to Scotland and down to London, that sort of accent. He was really cute with deep green eyes and black quiffed hair (it looks better than it sounds). We all set off for McDonalds - classy - we sat down and ordered and had a chat, I had a really good time actually but all I could think about was that competition. 

When I got home I was too tired to even do anything, so I just took off my top and jeans and put my PJ's on. I then went and collapsed onto my bed and fell into a deep sleep, I don't think even a marching band could wake me up. 

*the dream* 

I opened me laptop and went onto my emails and saw that I had won the competition and I got to be in Austin's music video! Not only that but he has to give me a ride in his red LandRover! OMG! I can't wait till tomorrow to see him! 

*end of dream*

"Damn I wish that was real" I looked at my phone to checked my emails and texts - nothing yet - i looked at the time and realised it was 1:30 am so I decided to go back so sleep and continue me amazing dream, which I so desperately wish was real.



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