You're Not Alone (Niall Horan/One Direction)

Mia Alexandra, prefers to be called Alex because she got bullied because of her unusual name, now she doesn't just get bullied because of her name. No her life was ruined by her father, he got arrested and put in prison for murder. Her family left her on her own when she needed them the most. Her two best friends turned against her and started bullying her. Will she be pushed to complete destruction? When One Direction turn up at her school, will she let them in and allow them to fix her?

Contains: bullying, self harm and suicide attempts but it also contains crazy moments, sleepovers and love


1. You're Not Alone



"You can choose your friends"

Well that's a lie! A massive lie at that.


You see when nobody wants to be your friend; it's kind of hard to choose your friends!

Let me introduce myself, my name is Mia, I'm 16 years old. I have blonde hair and blue eyes and I’m average height of about 5”5’.

I'm bullied by my old best friends Laura and Charlotte, we used to do everything together shopping, swimming, eating etc. but that all changed on the fateful day that my life changed forever, want to know what it was?


My father got arrested for murder and drug dealing! My mother hates me; she blames me for what happened to my dad because I’m the oldest and easiest to take it out on. My family left me after all this, not wanting to be associated with anything as disgusting as me, I was extremely close to my auntie Emma and uncle Simon but it all changed due to my pathetic excuse of a dad!

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